ASU Prep Casa Grande Enters Year Two

On August 1, ASU Preparatory Academy begins its second year in Casa Grande with a successful first year under its belt and a new group of faces who will join the students on campus.

FC Barcelona (FCB) and Grande Sports Academy announced a new partnership on June 7 that created FCB’s first and only residential soccer academy in the U.S. – now named Barça Academy. High school soccer students from around the nation will join the ASU Prep Casa Grande students from the local and neighboring community on campus.

“Barça Academy is a world-class soccer training academy, and ASU Prep Casa Grande will provide the world-class education our students need to round out their studies here,” said Sylvia Mejia, ASU Prep Casa Grande’s Principal.

One of the top attractions of ASU Prep Casa Grande is its use of the Cambridge Curriculum, which is an internationally acclaimed curriculum that prepares students for university study, and is recognized by universities worldwide. ASU Prep Casa Grande embeds the Cambridge Curriculum in its blended learning format, which is a mix of digital and in-person class time.

As juniors and seniors, ASU Prep Casa Grande students have the opportunity to take ASU Online courses from Arizona State University, with support from their teachers. As part of this learning, students receive a personal tablet to use and take home for their studies. Additionally, every student explores college majors through personalized apprenticeships with ASU faculty and community organizations. Students also have Capstone classes, which help them develop leadership skills, community service projects and explore possible future careers and college majors.

In its first year, ASU Prep Casa Grande students embraced the school’s concept and curriculum. Two students qualified for the national math competition, the robotics team qualified for a state tournament, and the first three students graduated – all with post-secondary plans at either Arizona State or Central Arizona College.

“We are very proud of our first year in Casa Grande,” Mejia said. “We met with our students several times throughout the year to find out what they wanted from their college prep experience, in addition to the classes and tutoring they received. They did not hesitate to take ownership of that question, and quickly instituted extracurriculars like student council, STEM club, Robotics and intramurals. As we grow into our second year, I look forward to seeing how our school will thrive and change.”