ASU Prep CTDS Numbers for an AZ Tax Credit

Concerning tax credit donations, is the need for our school’s CTDS number to be provided on the donor’s tax forms in order to claim their donation toward a tax credit. Per Arizona's guidelines:

For the purpose of claiming Arizona’s tax credit for contributions made or certain fees paid to a public school, ADOR now requires taxpayers report the school’s...Site Number (CTDS) on Form 322, which is included with the Arizona income tax return. The CTDS is a nine (9) digit number that the Arizona Department of Education uses to identify Arizona public and charter schools. Taxpayers must enter the school code and not the district code.

To find the CTDS number for our ASU Prep schools, please see below:

  • ASU Prep Phoenix Elementary School CTDS: 07-85-46-102
  • ASU Prep Phoenix Middle School CTDS: 07-82-50-001
  • ASU Prep Phoenix High School CTDS: 07-82-07-001
  • ASU Prep Poly Elementary School CTDS: 07-82-05-001
  • ASU Prep Poly Middle School CTDS: 07-82-51-001
  • ASU Prep Poly High School CTDS: 07-82-08-001
  • ASU Prep Casa Grande High School CTDS: 11-87-16-001
  • ASU Prep Tempe High School CTDS: 07-82-85-001
  • ASU Prep Digital High School CTDS: 07-82-84-001
  • ASU Prep South Phoenix Primary School CTDS: 07-82-67-001
  • ASU Prep South Phoenix Intermediate School CTDS: 07-85-59-001
  • ASU Prep South Phoenix High School CTDS: 07-82-77-001

THANK YOU to everyone who donated to our ASU Prep tax credit campaign this year. We appreciate your support!