ASU Prep Poly STEM Academy tied for top spot in Arizona school ratings

Good news! ASU Preparatory Polytechnic STEM Academy tied for the top spot in Arizona school ratings for 2017, based on the final letter grades and scores recently released by the Arizona Department of Education.

ASU Prep Poly STEM Academy earned a score of 92 out of a total of 90 eligible points. Our school tied for the highest percentage in scoring based on a formula that weighs proficiency in the AzMERIT standardized tests, as well as improvement in scores of some subgroups of students, and other factors, such as absenteeism.

ASU Now wrote a school profile, in recognition of this achievement - click here to read the full article! 

A second story featuring Claudia Mendoza, Director of the STEM Academy, also was published today. Mrs. Mendoza was recognized with a national charter school award as a Story of Inspiration.

The Stories of Inspiration competition gives “recognition and thanks to the teachers who inspire us to do, and be, our best.” Mendoza’s story detailed how she transformed the school from a happy elementary campus into a happy, innovative and rigorous STEM academy, while maintaining its family-oriented atmosphere. 

Read Mrs. Mendoza's story here.