ASU Prep South Phoenix Parents Complete American Dream Academy

On Tuesday, December 11, 2018, almost two dozen parents of students at our ASU Prep South Phoenix Primary and Intermediate schools graduated from the American Dream Academy (ADA). ADA is an 8-week program offered by Arizona State University that gives families the tools and confidence to join forces with schools and communities to make sure their children have successful academic careers and prepare for a university experience. During the program, parents covered the following topics:

  • You Make the Difference!
  • Being a Partner with Your School
  • Academic Standards and Performance Requirements
  • School Success Factors – Communication and Discipline
  • School Success Factors – Self-Esteem and Motivation
  • School Success Factors – Reading, Together Time and Planning
  • Your Academic Success Plan

In a research project conducted in June/July of 2015, the children of parents who participated in the American Dream Academy program, and who should have graduated from high school, reported 80% of those children actually enrolled in an institution of higher education.

According to research, most parents who attend the program report they strongly agree they are their children’s first, and most important teacher. They are also asked if they know how to get their children into college. Most parents say they do not. By the end of the program, parents are asked the same two questions. There is almost no difference regarding the importance of parents as teachers. However, by the end of the program, a statistically significant number of parents changed their response about helping their children go to college.

Forks Up to these parents for becoming ADA grads!