ASU Prep's Blended Personalized Learning Format

Thank you for entrusting us with teaching your children, honoring them as unique individuals, and helping them develop the confidence needed to be successful in life. We are creating a rich and engaging environment for your children to learn, regardless of where they may be located as we face any additional challenges COVID-19 may supply.

For the past two years ASU Preparatory Academy has diligently moved our schools to a blended personalized learning environment. During this process, we have appreciated your involvement and support, and are confident that this will be a huge step forward for our school and our students, and a key to increasing student success in learning.

What is blended personalized learning? (link to video)

An education program in which a student learns partially online, in small groups with the teacher, and work collaboratively with their peers. Students have a choice in what they learn and can participate at a pace that works for them. The learning is personalized to meet the individual needs of the students. The focus is aligned to the interests, identities, and abilities of all students as they achieve mastery of skills & standards. Classroom strategies are designed that empower students by building agency, ownership, and student voice.

Why now more than ever is this implementation so important?

Now more than ever, blended personalized learning helps educators and schools meet all their students no matter what school model is chosen. Blended personalized learning can be implemented both in person and in a digital classroom. Blended personalized learning allows educators to differentiate with ease.

How can blended personalized learning enhance the student experience?

  • Differentiation: Tasks are varied depending on students’ level of understanding
  • Pacing: Allow students to progress through content at slightly different paces to maximize understanding.
  • Student voice and choice: Connecting content to students’ lives and interests. Allowing more voice and choice in the student experience.

Here is one key strategy for you to investigate further...

Project-Based Learning is a way of learning in which students acquire content knowledge and skills to answer a driving question based on an authentic challenge, need, or problem. (Link to article)

The Team

The Blended Personalized Team consists of our new director of personalized instruction, Banji Judge, two new blended learning specialists Danielle Serna and Megan Grothman, and a blended personalized learning consultant, Sarah Rich.

asu-prep-staff-banji-judge asu-prep-staff-sarah-rich

asu-prep-staff-danielle-serna asu-prep-staff-meg-grothman


Cover photo: Annie Spratt