Student Spotlight: Rhiannon

ASU Prep senior, Rhiannon Lewis, transferred to ASU Prep at the start of the second semester of her sophomore year. Without skipping a beat, she immediately jumped right into her rigorous course load and has remained dedicated to her education since then. She has maintained a very impressive grade point average and is ranked in the top 4% of her graduating class. She is currently in the process of applying to several universities, which include Arizona State University, Pomona College, Stanford University and the University of Arizona. She plans on pursuing a major in Aerospace Engineering and/or Astrophysics.

Rhiannon is a very intelligent, self-motivated, and dedicated young lady. She constantly seeks opportunities that will help her academic and personal development, making her a well-rounded student. Rhiannon will graduate this May with several ASU courses under her belt. Through her involvement with extra-curricular activities and academic coursework, Rhiannon has proven that she has made a firm commitment to higher education and the pursuit of her career. She is a very resilient and determined young lady who has faced many challenges in her 18 years and even when the odds were against her she has stood strong moved forward.

As a leader she has demonstrated the ability to problem solve and make informed decisions, has great people skills as evidenced by her interactions with peers, and portrays a good character. She exemplifies the characteristics of professionalism, honesty, and loyalty in everything that she does; all of which has contributed to her serving as a positive role model, impacting and making a positive difference in the community. In addition, her passion to serve the community and her desire to make a difference is admirable. We can always use critical-thinking leaders in our community; Rhiannon will make an outstanding professional in her selected area and use her skills to continue giving back to the community.