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At ASU Preparatory Academy, we believe family engagement and support help make critical contributions to student success. We are committed to working with our families to foster a positive and productive educational environment. Research has shown that students who have the support of their families are more successful in school and ultimately more prepared for college and career upon graduation.

Below is a sampling of ways families can positively impact and get involved with our school community.

family members service involvement asu prep

All families

  • Participate in the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) Conferences
  • Attend Summative Presentations

Families helping families

  • Lead/Participate in Parent Workshops
  • Volunteer for Food or Supply Drive
  • Coordinate Parent Involvement Program
  • Participate in a Parent Club
  • Provide Translation Services

Families helping students

  • Donate to our tax credit campaign
  • Ensure Perfect Attendance
  • Graduate from American Dream University
  • Extend Teaching and Learning Initiatives at Home
  • Sponsor/Co-Sponsor a Student Club
  • Support your Child's Participation in After School Activities
  • Attend an ASU Outreach Event
  • Act as an Extended Day Staff Member
  • Act as a Welcome Day Participant
  • Support Your Child in Completing Homework and Class Projects

Families helping staff

  • Provide Translation Services
  • Provide Office Help
  • Cover Morning/Afternoon Drop-Off Duty
  • Serve as an In-Class Aide
  • Coordinate a Field Trip
  • Chaperone a Field Trip

Families helping school-wide

  • Complete School Surveys
  • Participate in Focus Groups
  • Coordinate/Staff a Fundraising Event
  • Volunteer in the BookStore
  • Volunteer in the Media Center
  • Act as a Site Tour Guide
  • Volunteer at a Sporting Event
  • Participate in a School Committee
  • Volunteer at a School Concert, Play or Other Event
  • Donate Approved Items or Supplies for Specific Events