Phoenix High School

ASU Prep's Blended Personalized Learning Format

Thank you for entrusting us with teaching your children, honoring them as unique individuals, and helping them develop the confidence needed to be successful in life. We are creating a rich and engaging environment for your children to learn, regardless of where they may be located as we face any additional challenges COVID-19 may supply.

Fall 2020 Learning Model FAQs

Revised as of July 20, 2020

Academic Models

Will my child have the opportunity to participate in a different model throughout the year? [Revised 7/20]

ASU Prep's Community-Based and Digital Model Options for Families

ASU Preparatory Academy is offering several learning options beginning in Fall 2020. Here are more details about two of them: the Digital vs Community-Based model. This information is intended to help you explore these models in more detail. 

More Detail for Families Who Selected the Digital Model

July Meal Distribution

Families, please note: ASU Preparatory Academy’s last summer meal distribution is on June 26 and will resume at the beginning of the school year, on August 3. Please find below a list of nearby places that will distribute free meals through July.

Shellie’s Early Start Learning Center #2
1923 E. Broadway Rd
Phx, AZ 85042

SABIS International
1903 E. Roeser Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85040

2020-21 Student Calendar

Amidst all of the communications we are sharing regarding our contingency planning, we would like to take a moment to talk about next year. After reviewing family survey feedback on our proposed calendars, we have reached consensus and adopted a 2020-21 school-year calendar for our ASU Preparatory Academy campuses. Please find the official calendar on our website.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Frequently Asked Questions for ASU Prep

Updated April 16, 2020

Where can I go for more information regarding COVID-19?
We encourage you to remain up-to-date regarding health information that is being shared by the larger ASU community by visiting the ASU Health Services website. Additional resources are also available at the bottom of this document.