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Welcome to ASU Prep Tempe

In partnership with the Tempe Union High School District, ASU Prep Tempe opened in the fall of 2017 on the Compadre Academy campus.

ASU Prep Tempe high school students will:

  • learn in a college preparatory environment on a self-paced schedule
  • become leaders in and contributors to their community, our nation and the world
  • explore college majors and career disciplines through apprenticeships with field experts
  • have the opportunity to take ASU courses
  • study the internationally acclaimed Cambridge Curriculum, preparing students to enroll in university classes as early as their junior year in high school
  • benefit from small class sizes and personalized learning
  • receive a personal laptop for coursework that they can take home during the school year.

Please join us for an open house and tour at 6 p.m. on:

Open houses and tours can also be scheduled by appointment. To schedule, please email or call 480-210-4494 ext 31885.

Students at ASU Prep use technology in a blended learning environment to access curriculum, solve problems and undertake challenges. They work collaboratively on solutions to local and global community issues and participate in service programs. Through research projects, students develop an understanding of the broader community and how they can make an impact.

Now accepting applications for enrollment

ASU Prep is accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year. Open Enrollment is ongoing, and we will register prospective students on a first-come, first-served basis until capacity is met. 

Enroll your high school student (grades 9-11) for the 2018-19 school year today!

Who can enroll at ASU Prep Tempe?
We are currently enrolling grades 9-11 at our campus for the 2018-19 school year. In order to enroll as a 9th grader, you must have documentation that you have completed, or are on track to complete 8th grade.

What is the enrollment process?
Click here to enroll for the 2018-19 school year. All enrollment paperwork is available online.

Is there a fee or tuition for attending?
Arizona students can attend ASU Preparatory Academy Tempe for free. We are a public charter school.

What is the school schedule?
The school day starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 3:35 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Where is the school located?
The high school is located on the Compadre Academy campus at 500 W. Guadalupe Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283. Our school co-exists side-by-side with Compadre Academy.

How is ASU Prep Tempe associated with Compadre Academy?
The Tempe Union High School District partnered with ASU Prep to collaboratively operate on the Compadre Academy campus. Compadre currently serves about 400 high school students, and ASU Prep will grow enrollment to 400 students over time. ASU Prep’s college preparatory format includes ASU courses for college credit, as well as a digital curriculum infused with the acclaimed Cambridge framework and delivered in a personalized, blended learning format. ASU Prep’s college-going culture sets high expectations for all students and provides them with the academic preparation, resources, and support needed to meet those expectations.

Is transportation to the high school provided to students?
Tempe and Guadalupe residents (18 and under) can receive free Valley Metro bus and light rail passes courtesy of the City's Youth Transit Pass Program. For more information, please visit

Additionally, ASU Prep Tempe students can use Tempe Union High School District bus transportation to campus (with school IDs). Click here to see the bus schedules.

Are teachers at ASU Prep highly qualified?
Yes. We hire teachers who are highly qualified in their content areas. They have demonstrated proficiency in their content area through course taking and as a member of the ASU Prep team; teachers take 24 hours of specialized training in pedagogy based on research of best practices for enhanced student learning. Network-wide, 73% of our teachers hold, or are pursuing, a graduate degree.

Additionally, teachers all have mentors who work closely with them to continuously provide coaching and support to meet the needs of our learners.

What is the curriculum used at ASU Prep?
ASU Prep uses the Cambridge International Curriculum. This rigorous program, aligned to the Arizona College and Career Ready standards, prepares all students to be ready for college. When students demonstrate readiness, they have the opportunity to take ASU online courses supported by ASU Prep faculty as juniors and seniors.

How does ASU Prep utilize the Cambridge Curriculum?
The Cambridge curriculum is part of a comprehensive academic program that supports the academic preparation of all students to succeed in college, to contribute to their communities and to compete globally. The Cambridge curriculum includes rich instruction, high levels of active student engagement and regular evaluation of student knowledge and skills. This allows students to understand topics deeply, to think critically, to solve complex problems, to communicate with a range of audiences and to apply their learning in creative ways. 

When the curriculum was introduced to ASU Prep’s other schools, the schools outperformed the state by an average of 22 points in reading and 24 points in mathematics. We expect to have similar results with our students who attend ASU Prep Tempe.

In addition to Cambridge, students have access to ASU college courses so our students are bridging from high school to university in the supportive environment of a classroom with a teacher and a success coach committed to helping them succeed in college.

What is blended learning?
In a blended learning environment, each student has access to an individualized pace and plan of study with the guidance of a teacher who is a content expert. The blended curriculum design gives students individualized support to access the curriculum with frequent opportunities to demonstrate learning and to progress rapidly through the curriculum they already know. Students will collaborate with peers and instructors both in person and online each day. The flexible hybrid model gives students the ability to pursue what interests them and learn in an integrated educational continuum. Click here to view a sampling of courses offered in our blended learning environment.

What supports are provided to students?
In addition to support provided through the blended learning environment, students also have a Learning Success Coach who works with them in to track their academic progress, to develop personalized applications of learning, and to connect families with outside resources and supports. The Learning Success Coach serves as a first point of contact for students and families to get support in being able to graduate from high school and enroll in college.

Students with IEPs or other special needs receive support from specially certified faculty so they can access the curriculum and enjoy success in a rigorous learning environment.

What are the expectations for family involvement?
Families play an essential role in the success of our ASU Prep students. We ask that each of our families take an active role in the education of their child as well as our school community. We collaborate with families four times per year for Individualized Learning Plan conferences and orientations. Each family is asked to fulfill a minimum of 30 credits of service (15 credits per semester). See our ASU Prep family involvement information here.

What are the graduation requirements?
All ASU Prep graduates are prepared to meet the admission requirements for university study. We will work with each new student to design an Individual Learning Plan to meet his or her instructional needs. Students are required to complete 4 years of English, mathematics and science instruction. Additionally, students take 3 years of social sciences, 2 years foreign language, 1 year of fine arts and other electives to meet the ASU Prep rigorous requirements.

Will there be weighted grades?
ASU Prep offers the Cambridge International curriculum. All courses are part of an honors curriculum. In addition, we offer a series of advanced Cambridge courses including Cambridge A and AS, as well as college-level courses. All courses at the advanced level and any grade earned of 97% (A*) and higher earns a weighted grade.

Will ASU Prep Tempe grant credit for Algebra/other courses taken in the student's 7th or 8th-grade years?
We can only grant high school credit for courses approved by ASU Prep. However, if a student can demonstrate competency in a course they have completed by passing ASU Prep assessments, they will earn a competency credit for the course. Competency credits are shown on the transcript but are not calculated in the students’ Grade Point Average.

Does ASU Prep provide test prep course or program for the ACT, PSAT or SAT?
ASU Prep provides all students the opportunity to take the PSAT and the ACT. Test prep programs are available and our Learning Success Coaches work with students to help them prepare for these college entrance examinations and to ensure they are meeting all college entrance requirements to enter the college of their choice.

Is there a driver’s education program?
We do not provide driver’s education programs during the school year.

Will there be National Honor Society or other clubs?
Clubs and extracurricular activities are an important part of the ASU Prep culture. Student interest determines all programs. Clubs that are present in our other schools include National Honor Society, Key Club, Robotics Club, Spirit Line, Student Government, Yearbook, and intramurals. Students are surveyed after enrollment to express interest in clubs and intramurals.

Does ASU Prep require students to wear uniforms?
No. Students are only required to wear appropriate classroom attire during the school day, and we encourage them to participate in Maroon Monday and Gold Friday.

All students are provided a university embedded, personalized academic program that prepares them to complete college, compete globally and contribute to their communities.

ASU Prep students:

  • Utilize the Cambridge Curriculum for college readiness.
  • Learn in a flexible hybrid learning format – a format that blends digital and in-person learning – on a self-paced schedule.
  • Explore college majors and career disciplines through apprenticeships with ASU faculty and community organizations.
  • Have Capstone classes, which are designed to help them develop leadership skills, community service projects and explore possible future careers and college majors.
  • Have the opportunity to take ASU Online courses when ready

In a blended learning environment, each student has access to an individualized pace and plan of study with the guidance of a teacher who is a content expert. The blended curriculum design gives students individualized support to access the curriculum with frequent opportunities to demonstrate learning and to progress rapidly through the curriculum they already know. Students will collaborate with peers and instructors both in person and online each day. The flexible hybrid model gives students the ability to pursue what interests them and learn in an integrated educational continuum.

ASU Prep’s high school graduation requirements meet or exceed most university admission criteria. The international curriculum benchmarks ASU Prep student performance against students’ performance all over the world. Building civic responsibility to address societal issues, often in their own community, is encouraged and supported through the Capstone experiences and Academic Apprenticeships with university and community entities.

We collaborate with Arizona State University and the community to enhance our ability to prepare students to be college graduates, future leaders, change agents and contributing citizens. ASU Prep students take ASU courses for college credit during their junior or senior year to start their college careers early.

Academic Apprenticeships

The ASU Academic Collegiate Apprenticeships, under the Collegiate Scholars Program, provide opportunities for students to experience ASU, investigate educational/career goals and build lasting relationships with peers and mentors, who share similar academic and personal interests.

This course will provide an opportunity for students to observe and gain hands-on experience in an academic setting while establishing a well-defined connection between education and employment. Students are selected for an ASU Academic Apprenticeship based on an application process that includes school attendance and behavior, grade point average (3.0 minimum), letter of recommendation by faculty, and a personal statement.

Examples of Courses for College Credit

  • MAT 110 - Enhanced Freshman Mathematics
  • MAT 117 - College Algebra
  • AST 111 - Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy
  • SOC 101 - Introductory Sociology
  • PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology
  • BIO 130 - Introduction to Environmental Science
  • *TEL 111 - Child Development

*Hybrid program

School Service Apprenticeship

School service apprenticeship provides service opportunities at the local school. Staff at ASU Prep supervise it. Examples include internships in sports management, peer mentoring and technology.

Business Community Outreach Apprenticeships

Business Community Outreach Apprenticeships teach students career and industry needs and expectations for various organizations in the local community.


Students at ASU Preparatory Academy high schools are required to have a Capstone project every year throughout their high school experience. Capstone is an in-depth learning experience, similar to a college thesis that culminates with a year-end presentation. The capstone experience allows students to expand their thinking, delve more deeply into a concept and work with others who share their interests.

At ASU Preparatory Academy, students study the pillars of leadership, social entrepreneurship, partnerships and academic preparation to develop their yearly Capstone presentations. A Capstone advisor works with a single cohort of students to facilitate student learning and assist students in the development of a portfolio that will span their entire high school academic growth.

Each Capstone begins with shared study under the supervision of the Capstone advisor. Students use technologies which will support their research, their connections to others and their proficiency in future workplace settings.

ASU Prep students present their work at the end of each semester to their peers, advisors and an invited panel of distinguished guests.

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