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Vision & Backstory

Community Support

One of the key components of Khan World School is learning together. Throughout your educational journey, you’ll be supported by your family, peers, Learning Guides, mentors, tutors, small groups, friends, and ASU faculty.


Community Support


This is the group of fellow students you came in with. While each learner’s path and timeline is unique, you all line up at the starting line together.

Seminar House

These are the students you’ll be seeing the most. While the daily Seminar groups of 15 might change due to schedule and time zone flexibility, this group of 40 will be your partners on projects, study buddies and support system. It’s your house.


Support goes beyond academics and that’s where your squad comes in. Our Learning Guides will connect you to 4-5 fellow students you’ll rely on for support during your time at KWS. Your squad can help you navigate the systems. They’ll push you think outside your comfort zone. And they’ll be there when times get tough. Being a good squad member means you’ll also learn to help others when they face academic, social and emotional challenges.

Current KWS Students

Khan World School


  • How is Khan World School different from other online schools?

    Key design elements include:

    1. A synchronous seminar daily around engaging, relevant essential questions
    2. A full competency-based instructional model leveraging the best of Khan Academy with ASU Prep infrastructure
    3. Peer-to-peer tutoring using the Khan system
    4. University courses available on a learner pathway
    5. Student-driven master projects outside of school
  • What are the admissions requirements?

    Admission Requirements for the Fall 2023 semester:

    • Open to student entering grades 6–12
    • Student must have earned grades of A or B in all Math and English Language Arts classes
    • Student must have a modern computer with web camera and reliable daily internet access
  • Is Khan World School a good fit for me?

    Take this QUIZ to see if you’re a good fit. And don’t worry, the questions are about you so you don’t need to study.

    We are looking for students that are:

    • Self-motivated
    • High achievers
    • Curious
    • Collaborative
    • Enthusiastic about learning
    • Resilient
    • Hardworking
    • Ambitious
  • How do I apply for Khan World School?

    If you are a current ASU Prep student contact an admissions advisor to apply. You can ignore the steps below. 

    If you are not currently an ASU Prep student you must complete the ASU Prep enrollment process to apply for Khan World School. 

    1. Go to the ASU Prep Digital enrollment page and or link directly to the ASU Prep Digital enrollment form.
    2. Create a user profile and fill out the enrollment forms. We will know you’re interested in the Khan World School when you check the box that says, “I’m interested in applying for the Khan World School.” 
    3. Upload all the required documents. Because we are a public charter school, the state of Arizona requires us to collect some important information from you.
    4. Hit the submit button. An admissions advisor will be notified (because you checked that KWS box, right?) and will contact you via email to request additional application materials. You can read about those in the next question. 
  • What are the additional application materials required for Khan World School?

    In addition to the standard ASU Prep Digital forms and documents KWS requires the following:

    • Personal Video answering the question, “Why do you want to be a Khan World School student?” (Please keep it under three minutes)
    • A writing sample from a recent school project. It can be a paper or project, but please make sure it’s past work. (At least 300 words)
    • One written reference letter from an adult other than a parent.
    • Proof you’ve completed one or more units of Khan Academy Algebra 1 (or Algebra 1 as a Middle School student). Any one of these is acceptable:
        • Screenshot of at least one completed certification on in Algebra 1 or higher course in Khan Academy
        • Screenshot of at least one completed unit in Algebra 1 or higher course in Khan Academy
        • Middle school transcript or report card showing Algebra 1 completion or progress
  • What happens after I submit my application?

    We will review your enrollment forms, documents, and application materials. An ASU Prep admissions advisor will reach out to you to discuss the next steps after the application deadline.

    Khan World School is a selective honors program with limited seats available. While all qualified students will be admitted into ASU Prep Digital, not all students will be admitted into Khan World School @ ASU Prep. We will let you know your status as soon as possible. 

  • What if I am not offered to enroll in Khan World School?

    If you still need to work on a few things to prepare for this unique (and rigorous) learning experience, we will enroll you in ASU Prep Digital and help you put together a plan to reach your goals, including Khan World School, college or beyond.

    Khan World School is a selective honors program with limited seats available. While all qualified students will be admitted into ASU Prep Digital, not all students will be admitted into Khan World School @ ASU Prep. We will let you know your status as soon as possible. 

  • When will Khan World School be launched?

    Enrollment for fall 2023 will open March 1, 2023.

    If you are interested in receiving updates about Khan World School, please fill out the form on the bottom of the home page. 

  • Who will be enrolling in Khan World School?

    Top students in grades 6–12 from around the world. Anyone meeting the baseline qualifications is welcome to apply.

  • What is the tuition for Khan World School?
    • The tuition for full-time students who are Arizona residents will be paid for by the state at no cost to families.
    • Students who live in the US, but outside Arizona, will pay $9,900 per year tuition.
    • Students who live outside the US will pay $12,900 per year.
    • Tuition for all students does include the opportunity to take two university courses per semester and earn college credit.
    • Scholarships are available for students living outside of Arizona.
  • Is the school fully online?

    Yes, you can work from anywhere with an internet connection. While students will have the option to collaborate in-person, all required activities and curriculum can be accessed through a web browser.

  • What type of grading system does KWS use?
    1. At KWS, our focus is on learning rather than grades only, so there will be a few things different in our approach. First, learning won’t be boxed into traditional semesters. If you finish Geometry early your learning can continue to Algebra II without waiting for a new school year. 
    2. Second, we want all students to meet “competency” in their subject area. Unlike a traditional school where it may be acceptable to move on with a C or D in a subject, we will encourage all students to meet a level of demonstrated learning before moving on in their coursework. Or, if you do move on in your learning, you will always have the ability to go back and show deeper levels of mastery (change a C to a B or a B to an A for instance).
    3. Feedback is more important than a letter grade (don’t worry- still need those letter grades for college admissions- we get it!). You may notice that in courses like Seminar, the focus will be on your continued dialogue and discussion with your Guide as you continue to grow and improve. We believe that all our students at Khan World School can achieve competency or even mastery of all their subjects. KWS students value intrinsic motivation for learning rather than “playing the game of school.”
    4. We will ensure you have a transcript with final grades that will prepare you for college admissions and scholarships. 
  • Is this just taking Khan Academy classes online?
    1. We will pair the best of Khan Academy with the best of online community. Khan Academy offers personalized, self-paced learning where students are in the driver seat and are able to excel at their own readiness. 
    2. However, our KWS school will also focus on building a community online. All students will take a course called Seminar, which is really more of an experience that blends reading, writing, speaking and listening about the most compelling questions we face in our world today. Components of Seminar will take place live each day. 
    3. In addition to Seminar, students will be part of smaller communities of learning including a 5-student “Squad,” a 35-40 student “Seminar House,” and part of a “Cohort,” which encompasses all students in the same graduation year. YOU ARE NOT A NUMBER HERE! You belong as part of the community of learning. 
  • When you say flexible schedule, how flexible is flexible? Are there any live classes?
    1. Imagine a schedule that matches more of an adult remote-worker rather than the traditional school bell schedule. Your personal calendar tool will help you stay organized. Guides will work with you to set up a plan that fits your schedule and time zone. 
    2. Each day there is a live Seminar session, about an hour in length. You will also have small group meetings with your Subject Area Mentor Groups throughout the week. This equates to approximately 10 hours per week of required synchronous learning. Between these sessions, you have great flexibility to design for YOU. 
    3. While you will have an assigned Seminar time with your Seminar House that meets your time zone, your Guide will work with you on making sure the time is a good fit and planning for any days that you may have a conflict. 
  • Is there a GPA requirement for incoming students?

    Students must have earned grades of A or B in all Math and English Language Arts classes.

  • I'm already an ASU Prep Academy or ASU Prep Digital student and want to apply to KWS. What should I do?

    Current ASU Prep students should speak with the KWS lead admissions advisor.


  • Will diplomas and graduation from Khan World School @ ASU Prep be recognized by all universities in the US?

    The diploma that students receive will be recognized globally by colleges and universities.

  • Will there be SAT and other college prep to help with admissions into colleges and universities?

    Yes, KWS Guides will work with students to prepare them for the SAT and other college-going requirements as upperclassmen. However, college-going starts in the first year! We will have yearly milestones for students and families that ensure students are on track for college admissions. Students also have the opportunity to start a college major while in high school by taking university level courses as soon as they are ready.

  • How will students be able to attend if they live in different time zones?

    We expect to have students in many time zones so synchronous time like seminars and small group meetings will be scheduled accordingly. Students in similar or nearby time zones will be paired together to make these offerings convenient for all students, but we will also make sure they are getting to collaborate with students across the country whenever possible.

  • How much parent involvement is expected to help children with an all-digital experience?

    We love to see Khan World School parents and families because we know they play an essential role in the success of our students. You will not be required to instruct your child but we encourage you to take an active role in their education and learning. We look forward to ideas that parents have around getting involved too. We want to get to know you and build a parent/caregiver community.

  • Will students be able to work year round if they wish to continue academics beyond the regular school year?

    There will be a start and end dates with breaks for students in fall, winter, and spring and planned summers off. However, ASU Prep Digital does offer a summer program for students. Also, in KWS we realize that learning is not contained in semesters like a traditional school, so students may finish more quickly and begin new courses if they choose.

  • Will there be accommodations or special education resources?

    KWS will leverage the established social and emotional services offered through ASU Prep Digital. KWS will evaluate a 504 or IEP to see if KWS will be a good fit for a student.

  • How will lab work and science curriculum be executed?

    For high school level courses, lab work and hands on science experiments will meet Arizona, A-G, and our accreditation standards. We will pair both at-home experiments with virtual labs. The rest of the science curriculum will be a mixture of Khan Academy courses, small group tutorials, and other projects. Students will also have the opportunity to take university level science courses that meet higher education accreditation standards.

  • Is financial aid offered for eligible incoming students?

    In year one we offered scholarships to qualified students. We plan to do the same for fall 2023. Stay tuned for details.

  • Is there a plan to extend Khan World School to all grade levels?

    The fall 2023 class will include students in grades 6–12.

  • Can you take more than 2 university courses?

    Yes! Students can take more than 2 university courses each year. Tuition covers 2 university courses each semester and students have access to additional courses for a small fee.

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