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Sal Khan from Khan World School at ASU Prep

“Khan World School at ASU Prep will unleash the potential of a new generation of students that will change the world we live in for the better. We do this by maximizing opportunities for student mastery, agency, collaboration and passion. Explore this website and attend a virtual info session to decide whether you might be a fit.”

– Sal Khan, Founder Khan Academy

Michael Crow, President of ASU the charter sponsor for Khan World School at ASU Prep

“We are excited to partner with the Khan team on this innovative new model. This fits perfectly with ASU’s efforts to advance a student-centric, adaptive design that is nimble and responsive to the needs of learners and the imaginations of faculty and leadership.”

– Michael Crow, ASU President

Open your mind to the world
and you just might find your place in it

Khan World School Student

Achieve great things

You’ll start realizing your dreams from day one, whether you are a high school student preparing to access the world’s best universities, or a middle school student looking to accelerate your learning path. You’ll learn to think critically and independently while collaborating with peers and building a strong foundational knowledge of core subjects. Welcome to Khan World School at ASU Prep, where we value self-motivation, curiosity, and creativity over compliance.

Khan World School Female Student

Pursue your passions

You’ll explore, discuss or debate real-world issues. We reward intellectual curiosity and give you the freedom to dive deep into the topics that interest you. Our goal is to foster your love of learning, hoping you’ll create meaning in the world for yourself and impactful change for others.

Khan World School student grade 10

Challenge yourself

You’ll progress through an advanced college-prep curriculum using a combination of high-quality lessons, small-group tutorials, and one-on-one advisory meetings. You’ll demonstrate mastery of a topic to ensure you are fully prepared and minimize gaps in your learning. And you’ll be incentivized to try again until you have a complete understanding. Test prep is part of our curriculum and you’ll have the chance to earn university credit in high school, accelerating your path to college and saving you time and money when you get there.

Khan World School Student grade 11

Own your learning

We believe in student agency, so prepare to take control and become active in your learning. This is not a passive, sit-back-and-absorb-it-all experience. You’ll frame your own vision for success and be responsible for the decisions and actions that move you down the path at your own pace. But you won’t be alone. We have an inspiring network of learning guides, tutors, coaches and peers to provide personalized instruction, academic guidance and social support.

International Khan World School student

Transform your world

Every day at KWS brings new opportunities for personal growth and positive impact on others. You’ll be studying with students from around the world and sharing in a community of diverse cultures, races and economic backgrounds. This rich variety of ideas and global perspectives will not only fuel your passion for lifelong learning, but may also help you redefine your world.

Khan World school student showcases proven results

Proven Results

Our students showed growth based on average Exact Path scores from the 2022–2023 school year. Students are assessed at the beginning and end of the school year to measure academic growth.

the average in Math
the average in Reading
the average in Language Arts
what students are saying

You don’t have to follow the group average, you can structure around you and personalize it.

– D.F.

I am overjoyed to help the school trailblaze a new way to do online school.

– G.G.

This is a very rigorous and challenging program and that is exactly what I want for myself. I love a good challenge and I recognize that I thrive when I’m pushed to work hard.

– K.C.

I am in awe of the preparation and dedication it must have taken for everything to work so seamlessly.

– M.W.

Main focus is a learning community. I thrive learning with other students through discussion and debate, especially when I am a part of a small group of students who support and challenge each other.

– P.D.

I want to be ahead. If I can get two years done in one, that’s good for me… I’m going to succeed earlier, the earlier the better.

– A.A.

A world-class education from anywhere.


Full-time US online school


English-speaking students from around the world


Accelerated path to a US university


Fully accredited


Self-paced, mastery-based


Active, collaborative learning

Innovative Instructional Model


High School Seminar

Socratic-style discussions about real-world topics, from current events to philosophical and ethical debates.

Middle School Exploratory

The middle school experience includes exploratory electives to prepare students for high school. Three badges per school year or a foreign language class are required for promotion to high school.

Small Group Tutorial

Inspired by the Oxford tutorial, our experts provide personalized instruction through conversation.

Self-paced Online Learning

Students progress through high-quality, self-directed advanced curriculum.

Peer Tutoring

High school students have access to small-group tutoring through and are encouraged to become tutors themselves.

What type of student is this school designed for?

Highly Engaged + Self-driven + Curious

Thriving KWS students want to…

achieve great things.

Thriving KWS students want to…

connect knowledge to the world.

Thriving KWS students want to…

attend the top universities.

Thriving KWS students want to…

work at their own pace.

Thriving KWS students want to…

find a place to belong.

Thriving KWS students want to…

maximize their opportunities.

Thriving KWS students want to…

explore what interests them.

Thriving KWS students want to…

collaborate with peers.

Thriving KWS students want to…

showcase what they know.

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