What Our Parents Are Saying

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Khan World School (KWS) at ASU Prep is where self-motivation, curiosity, and creativity meld together. The results are in—thanks to outstanding student performance in our first year—KWS is transforming lives around the world! Read what this parent has to say:  

Mastering Self-Motivation & Independence  

“I try to avoid direct contact with the guides, as I am trying to get my son to be as independent as possible. I work with him every Monday to set goals for the week and nudge him to contact the guides when it seems needed.

At the beginning of the year, it seemed he needed significantly more structure, but he has been developing independence, and I have seen a bit more structure (in the form of course completion guides, etc.) from the teachers.

Over the past month or two he has not only become more self-motivated but has also started targeting an “A” in every class, whereas before he was happy to slide by with the minimum.”