What Our Parents Are Saying

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Khan World School (KWS) at ASU Prep is where self-motivation, curiosity, and creativity meld together. The results are in—thanks to outstanding student performance in our first year—KWS is transforming lives around the world! Read what this parent has to say:  

Transformational Growth  

“My husband and I are incredibly happy with Khan World School at ASU Prep. We are proud to have our son in the program. The rapidity with which he has grown has been astounding to us. It’s like he’s finally in a place where the challenge of school has awakened his brain. It’s certainly not an easy program, but it’s not overwhelming either. The topics broached are poignant and timely, and the content is not just surface level but thorough examinations of the material.

Much of the time, there isn’t a straightforward answer to the question posed, which causes him to really scrutinize any given subject deeply and search his own mind for what he believes, too. We’ve had some of the most astonishing conversations with our 14-year-old, and that is a reflection of the school and its guides.

This has been a wild ride so far, and we’re excited for the continued journey together.”