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Innovative Academic Model

Khan World School at ASU Prep is an advanced college-prep program where the curriculum includes discussion-based classes, high-quality, self-paced online lessons, small-group tutorials and peer tutoring. Learning is self-driven and self-paced in a mastery-based model. Much of the learning and assessment happens through in-depth discussion with teachers, peers and industry experts. We have high expectations for our students and require them to work independently and collaboratively, helping others in the school community succeed.

School performance

Raising Academic Achievement

We measured the learning growth of our students from the start of the 2022-23 school year to the mid year using a national benchmark test.

The average KWS@ASU Prep student demonstrated:

  • 5 times the typical growth in Math
  • 3.5 times the typical growth in Reading
  • 4.8 times the typical growth in English Language Arts


This collaborative learning experience is one of the core components of the Khan World School and very unique for a virtual school program. Students gather with their learning guide and peers several times each week to discuss, debate and dive deep into real-world topics. Each student is expected to do some pre-reading and arrive prepared to participate actively in the discussion, sharing their own knowledge, insight and opinions with the group. Students are assessed on their ability to listen carefully to others, think critically for themselves and articulate accurately to their peers. The sessions are student-led but supported by the learning guide and guest experts. Sample topics include:

  • Now that we have CRISPr, should we edit germ cells and thus the actual human gene pool?
  • Freedom of speech vs. freedom of reach
  • Ethical responsibilities of social media
  • The science, ethics and economics of life extension

If you’d like to attend a mock seminar, please contact to schedule.


Small Group Tutorial

Inspired by the Oxford tutorial, these sessions provide personalized instruction through dynamic discussion that encourages independent critical thinking skills. Students meet in groups of 3-5 with tutorial coaches. They have the chance to talk in-depth about their learning and receive individual feedback on their work. The experienced instructors engage each student and offer targeted support. Students have weekly tutorials in math, science, reading/writing and history with a different tutorial coach for each subject.

Khan Academy Courses

Students work through online lessons at their own-pace using Khan Academy and ASU courses. Students master the topics using Khan Academy, and extra support from their small group opportunities. Students will be eligible for ASU university credits as part of their experience.

A student plan of study will be specially designed with their Guide in an Individual Learning Plan.

This may look like the examples below. Each plan will be tailored to the student.

  • Year 1: Seminar, Algebra I + Geometry, Biology, History, Spanish I
  • Year 2: Seminar, Algebra II + Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, History, Spanish II
  • Year 3: Seminar, Advanced Math Options, Physics, College Courses & Electives
  • Year 4: Seminar, Advanced Math Options, Advanced Science Options, College Courses & Electives

Peer Tutoring -

We believe peer tutoring is a key part of high-quality instruction. Students have access to small-group tutoring sessions through – Khan Academy’s free, online peer-tutoring website. Teaching others is the best way to learn and our students achieve true mastery of material when they become tutors and are able to effectively teach others on the platform. hosts the following for KWS students:

  • Special sessions on high-demand topics
  • Dedicated office hours
  • KWS-specific study spaces


KWS aspires for its students to be extremely well-read. This means having the time and space to read more widely than is typical in a high school experience. We also believe literature should be enjoyed and students should have agency over what they read (with some guardrails from the program to ensure quality and diversity).

The emphasis of our literature progression is less about academic dissection and more about reading, reflection and discussion. Students will read at least 12 books a year and make a video reflection/review of the book which will be posted to their portfolio.

Additional text genres (poetry, essays and short stories) will be part of the Seminar experience.



Students are expected to produce 10 writing samples per year, from categories such as:

  • Editorial/Review
  • Fictional short story
  • Research paper
  • Literary analysis
  • Persuasive essay
  • Poetry
  • Autobiographical essay (similar to what you may see in college applications)

Guides and peers will provide feedback on students’ writing portfolio pieces. All finished works are posted on the student’s transcript portfolio along with evaluations. 

World Language

We believe that languages are best learned through immersive conversation. Students will participate in frequent conversation sessions with Small Group Tutorials alongside work on their self-paced World Language course.


College Prep & College Credit

Our students are preparing to access the world’s best universities. We not only prepare them to succeed on the application, but also help them hone the skills they will need to excel in university classrooms and careers beyond graduation. 

Students will take college entrance exams as part of their Khan World School experience. Students in grades 9-11 will practice on Khan Academy Official SAT course as part of their work. 

Students will regularly meet with their guide, who also serves as a college advisor to discuss goals and strategies as well as receive feedback on practice essays and applications. 

One of the major advantages of being part of ASU Prep Academy is access to Arizona State University courses and concurrent credit. Students will have the opportunity to earn university credit in high school, accelerating their path to college and saving them time and money when they get there.

Connect to Learn More

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