Piano 1

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Whether you love music, want to play piano or keyboard for your family and friends, or desire to be a music star, this course is a great place to start. No prior music experience is needed. You will learn the fundamentals of music and the basic skills necessary to play a wide variety of music styles. Your teaching guide, Analine, will take you through each step of this journey towards becoming a skilled pianist and musician.

Required Materials:
  • Students will need a functioning keyboard instrument (acoustic or electronic). Common types of acoustic keyboard instruments include upright pianos and grand pianos. The keys on acoustic pianos are touch-sensitive so that when you press the keys lightly, you produce a soft sound, and when you press the keys heavily, you produce a louder sound. Common types of electronic keyboard instruments include digital pianos and electric keyboards. A digital piano is designed to feel—and sound like—an acoustic piano, having the same number of touch-sensitive keys. An electric keyboard may or may not have touch-sensitive keys and usually has fewer keys and more sound effects than a digital piano.
  • Students will need a way to record and submit video performances to their instructor. (This can be done via a webcam and microphone connected to a computer. Other alternatives include a smartphone, tablet, or digital camera.)