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Arizona Tax Credit contributions

Arizona state law enables you to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit of up to $200 ($400 if married filing jointly) when you make a donation to ASU Preparatory Academy by April 15.


Campus CTDS Numbers

  • ASU Prep Digital Elementary CTDS: 07-82-84-001
  • ASU Prep Phoenix Elementary School CTDS: 07-85-46-102
  • ASU Prep Polytechnic STEM (K–4) CTDS: 07-82-05-001
  • ASU Prep South Phoenix Primary CTDS: 07-82-67-001
  • ASU Prep Digital Middle School CTDS: 07-82-84-001
  • ASU Prep Phoenix Middle School CTDS: 07-82-50-001 
  • ASU Prep Polytechnic STEM (5–8) CTDS: 07-82-51-001
  • ASU Prep South Phoenix Intermediate CTDS: 07-85-59-001
  • ASU Prep Phoenix High School CTDS: 07-82-07-001
  • ASU Prep Polytechnic High School CTDS: 07-82-08-001
  • ASU Prep South Phoenix High School CTDS: 07-82-77-001
  • ASU Prep Casa Grande High School CTDS: 11-87-16-001
  • ASU Prep Digital High School CTDS: 07-82-84-001  



Arizona Tax Credit donations support extracurricular events for all students

You can support our school and our mission of preparing all of our students to succeed in college, compete globally and be leaders in their communities by making a tax credit contribution.


Questions about how to donate using our portal?

Page 1- Before you can click the Pay button, the +Add button must be clicked first.
Page 2- When asked for the Billing Street, enter the street without the house number.
Ex: If you live on 1234 W Sundevil Dr, the billing street is W Sundevil Dr


United Way Giving

If your company participates in the United Way campaign, please consider designating your donation to ASU Preparatory Academy! Every donation directly benefits students, and helps us fund programs for student achievement.


Intel Employee Matching Gifts Program

Did you know Intel Corporation has an Employee Matching Gifts Program? 

The program enables Intel employees to donate to their favorite eligible charitable organizations and schools year-round, and request a match from Intel Foundation to further their donation’s impact. Intel will match employee donations to educational institutions like ASU Prep, up to $5,000 per year, per participant.


Tax credit student at ASU Prep