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K-12 Curriculum

ASU Preparatory Academy’s program includes K-12 curriculum that is designed to help students build:

  • Foundational knowledge and confidence for further study
  • Learning skills to be able to read, write and speak clearly and accurately
  • Critical thinking skills to observe, interpret and analyze information
  • Problem solving skills, and interpret and communicate results

Core curriculum is designed to be accessible for all children. The extended curriculum is available for students who are highly capable and highly motivated.

Elementary students working on STEM activity

The ASU Prep Vision

We promote academic success, honor diversity, and facilitate human potential.

The ASU Prep Mission

Our mission is to design new models for educational success and raise academic achievement for all learners.

ASU Prep Best in Class

ASU Preparatory Academy aims to be the highest performing school in Arizona.

ASU Prep student working on computer

Personalized Learning

ASU Prep’s K-12 curriculum offers personalized learning to prepare each student for college, career, and life. Personalized learning allows students to learn or re-learn learning standards they may have missed.

Providing various student-centered learning environments assists students to enhance executive functioning skills and learn how to collaborate in small groups, as well as in large groups.

ASU Prep fosters educational environments that ensure equity and inclusion of learning for all students!

Individual Learning Plans

At ASU Prep we believe in the value of planning positive outcomes. To plan for these positive outcomes each student will create an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) that will guide their learning for each school year and assist him/her in taking charge of their learning path – creating student agency. The overall goal of an ILP is to establish and maintain relationships with students and families to facilitate a conversation about individual student’s academic and social progress, review areas of strength and opportunities for growth, outline goals, develop a shared plan of implementation and action steps for each student. As an integral part of the K-12 curriculum, the ILPs encourage students to identify their interests, learning styles, academic goals, and the habits they need to accomplish their goals. Students, parents/guardians, teachers, and academic counselors will each support, review, and reflect on the ILPs on a regular basis.

Teacher working with student on an individualized learning plan.

ILP sections include:

  • What makes me special? (Identity)
  • What do I like to do? (Interests)
  • What do I want to learn at school? (Academic Goal Setting)
  • How will I do my best every day? (Habits of Success
ASU Prep Student working on computer

Personalized Courses

Teachers utilize rubrics to help foster student agency and expectations of excellence in work submitted. All K-12 ASU Prep classes will provide a choice for students to learn and apply knowledge at levels equal to honors/college prep courses. Weighted grades will be designated to assignments within each course for students to choose the rigors of college-level assignments that support Arizona standards.

Every student has an opportunity to earn a weighted grade.

Honors level and college-prep curriculum are built into each course that are offered in each school for all students to access.

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College Going

ASU Prep is a college focused and college going K-12 school. We partner with ASU in our commitment to access and excellence, and take fundamental responsibility for the students and communities we serve.

We demonstrate this by providing personalized learning, college and career pathways, and believing all students can achieve at the highest levels, regardless of socioeconomic status.

We are Sun Devils and prepare our students to successfully matriculate to ASU by encouraging students to take ASU courses when ready. Students can get a head start before they finish their high school diploma with us.

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College Courses

ASU is committed and has partnered with ASU Prep to bring college level courses to our high school students.

While in high school, students can take two to four college level courses per year with tuition paid by ASU Prep. ASU Prep students could graduate high school with up to 48 ASU credits!

There are two options:

  1. Universal Learning®️ Courses: These select courses provide students the opportunity to take college level courses and choose at the end of their course if they would like ASU Academic credit.
  2. Concurrent Courses: These courses provide students the opportunity to take any ASU course offered in the course catalog, with the final grade automatically reflecting as ASU Academic credit.

*Students will work with their counselor to create an academic plan.

Prep for college. Prep for careers. Prep for life.

We welcome you and your student to partner with us, the ASU Prep Sun Devil Team, in preparing your student academically to be a Sun Devil.

Teacher helping a student with work

To learn more about enrolling at one of our campuses, please visit our Enroll page or sign up to attend an open house.