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Choosing a college can be a daunting process for both students and parents, but the most important step is to inform yourself before making a decision. Start early!

Here are some college resources to help you:

Career planning

career planning

For some students, choosing a career and preparing for it can be an exciting journey; for others, it can be an intimidating process. ASU Prep is dedicated to supporting students through this process. We believe it is imperative for students to know their intended future career before they graduate high school – so they can enter a university with a declared major (saving time and money in the process). Our students explore different careers and majors long before they receive their high school diploma, so they can be productive from the start of their college journey.

The following resources can help students discover and explore their future careers:

  • me3: Arizona State University designed a fun and interactive online game called me3 – try me3 here – to empower students to discover their future career and plan the high school through college activities needed to achieve that career.
  • Arizona Career Information System (AZCIS): AZCIS has a questionnaire to help students learn more about themselves and occupations that might be interesting. It teaches occupation descriptions to learn more about what people do at work and helps identify programs of study and the schools that offer them.
  • Career Pathways: ASU Prep Digital has a career pathways list with corresponding university degree areas and tips for how to earn those university credits before high school graduation.

Volunteering is an excellent way to gain experience for a chosen career field, and it also helps provide well-rounded experiences that are crucial for students in our global society. The below links are not intended to be an exhaustive list – please use proper judgment when visiting the below links:

Resume Writing
There are resources and tools available to help high schoolers create resumes that can frame their current life experiences in a way that highlights them as well rounded, quality individuals for their next employer and even college applications. The below resource includes examples of high school resumes:


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