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Scholarship/grant resources for high school students

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Scholarships are available to students from grades 9-12 (and sometimes earlier). Funding can be “banked” until college entry. Of course, juniors and seniors are strongly encouraged to research scholarships and plan to apply for as many as possible, being aware of requirements and deadlines. We also recommend that 100% of students – regardless of need or circumstances – fill out their FAFSA.

To help keep track of funding, you can download and print our Scholarship Log or build one for yourself!

Below is a list of resources to help you search for grants and scholarships. We occasionally will also feature notable scholarships on this page, when deadlines permit. Bookmark this page, and speak with your college-going advisor often!

Scholarship search pages

The below is not meant to be an exhaustive list of scholarship search pages – please use proper judgment when visiting the below links:

Grant search pages