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The Cambridge Curriculum has been used in more than 160 countries to provide a high quality instructional program to ensure students are prepared for college and a career. Teachers are trained using the Cambridge Curriculum process and work in teams to develop year-long course sequences.


Cambridge Components



The program includes primary, middle and secondary curriculum and is designed to help students build:

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Foundational knowledge and confidence for further study
Learning skills to be able to read, write and speak clearly and accurately
Critical thinking skills to observe, interpret and analyze information
Problem solving skills, and interpret and communicate results

Core curriculum is designed to be accessible for all children. The extended curriculum is available for students who are highly capable and highly motivated.


The program is designed to allow teachers to use their professional expertise and creativity to personalize educational experiences for students. Rather than teach facts and figures for basic recall, teachers are encouraged to provide authentic experiences that simulate the workforce and stimulate students’ imaginations. Students in Cambridge classrooms will regularly:

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Solve complex problems
Read a variety of texts
Write for a variety of purposes
Demonstrate solutions
Present Projects
Evaluate their learning
Create hypotheses and pose questions


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The program uses formative (ongoing) assessments to regularly measure student progress in preparation for the summative (final) assessment of learning for the course content. Teachers and students have access to previous years’ assessments to better prepare for what is expected.


The program uses online communities to support teacher professional development, respond to teacher questions, and provide teachers with resources and networks as they implement the program.


The program also provides online tutorials for students to help develop their knowledge and understanding of various content.