2020-21 Student Calendar

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Amidst all of the communications we are sharing regarding our contingency planning, we would like to take a moment to talk about next year. After reviewing family survey feedback on our proposed calendars, we have reached consensus and adopted a 2020-21 school-year calendar for our ASU Preparatory Academy campuses. Please find the official calendar on our website.

ASU Prep Phoenix/Polytechnic/Tempe/South Phoenix | 2020-21 Calendar*
*49.9% of the stakeholders surveyed supported this calendar, 29.9% were neutral and 20.2% strongly opposed this calendar.

ASU Prep Phoenix, Polytechnic, Tempe and South Phoenix are moving to a school calendar that starts later—August 3, and ends May 27. Individual Learning Plan (ILP) Conferences will occur after Fall Break and after Spring Break instead of preceding the breaks as in previous years. Both Fall and Spring Break will each be one week long, and Winter Break will be two weeks long. Our committee considered the following rationalizations when creating the school year calendar:

  • Professional Development: The calendar supports efficient and specific professional development throughout the Network based upon student performance data for each campus.
  • ILPs: We reviewed attendance from previous years, and identified the best dates to be used effectively while increasing instructional time.
  • Attendance: A slightly later start will more closely align with the attendance pattern of incoming students from out-of-state or other schools in the area, which start in August.
  • Consistency: This was an opportunity to lock in the calendar with leap year, creating similar holidays for the next three years.

ASU Prep Casa Grande | 2020-21 Calendar**
**86% of the stakeholders surveyed supported the change to a 4-Day school week.

ASU Prep Casa Grande is moving to a 4-day school week for the 2020-21 school year. This calendar change will allow for increased opportunities in blended learning for students, and professional development for teachers.

  • Professional Development:​ Teachers will have a day to review student performance data, collaborate with teachers, create interdisciplinary lessons, time to develop timely learning opportunities for students who excel, as well as, students who need additional time and support.
  • Attendance​: Barça students have had excessive absences on Fridays, missing instruction. Fridays would accommodate the Barça Residency Academy, as well as local families scheduling appointments as needed.
  • Flexible Schedule​: Assists with recruiting highly effective teachers who live in Casa Grande or nearby. This schedule is attractive to incoming students and families. Barça and rodeo students will miss less instruction because of travel and competitive opportunities.
  • Socio-emotional support:​ A 4-day school week for students enables Friday to be used for student internships, community service, family related appointments and accommodates student work schedules.

Thank you for offering your feedback as you have weighed in on the calendar options for your campus. Your gracious support has been instrumental to the scheduling process, and we look forward to serving you for years to come.