A-rating: ASU Prep Casa Grande High School excels on school report card

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We are thrilled to announce ASU Preparatory Academy Casa Grande has been recognized as the only A-rated high school in all of Pinal County. This remarkable achievement is a testament to excellence in education, backed by data, a nurturing culture, and a team effort.

Quantifying excellence: Looking at the data

According to Jeni McClue, ASU Prep’s Director of State Assessment and Accountability, ASU Prep Casa Grande excels in various key areas on which the Arizona Department of Education bases school rankings.

The class of 2023 showcased exceptional readiness for the next chapter of their lives. Here are some highlights:

  • ACT Composite scores surpass both the state and national averages, exceeding the state passing rate by 25% in English Language Arts and by 14% in math.
  • Tremendous graduation rate above 95%.
  • Nearly all students earned college credits in core academic subjects while still in high school.
  • Many students took advantage of career-readiness opportunities, such as internships and the Armed Services Vocational Assessment Battery (ASVAB) assessment.
  • 100% of students were admitted to a post-secondary school, with the majority earning acceptance to a four-year university.
  • 77% of students were offered scholarships, totaling over $4 million.

It’s more than just data: Casa Grande’s unique culture

Beyond these impressive statistics, ASU Prep Casa Grande 7–12 Principal Gayle Taylor highlights the unique culture and atmosphere that sets the campus apart. With a small school size of 272 students and a staff of only 15, ASU Prep Casa Grande actively fosters strong relationships among students and faculty. Principal Taylor explains, “There’s lots of communication. It’s a very supportive and personalized environment. It’s the connectedness that leads to success.”

Principal Taylor also emphasizes the wide range of college and career opportunities ASU Prep Casa Grande provides for students. From taking college classes in high school to participating in the ASVAB assessment and career fair, ASU Prep Casa Grande ensures students are well-prepared for their future endeavors. The school’s student-driven clubs, including an award-winning robotics team, further enhance the diverse extracurricular offerings.

The school’s unique partnership with Barça Residency, a soccer academy, adds another layer of support for student-athletes who make up about half of the student population. 

ASU Prep Casa Grande’s rich tapestry of student backgrounds, with student-athletes hailing from different parts of the world and other students coming from nearby communities, enriches the overall experience at ASU Prep Casa Grande. Principal Taylor marvels at the commitment of many students who travel quite a distance by bus to attend the school: “Students are really interested and want to be here and work with us.”

Success is a collective effort

Brian Ross, Dean of Students, credits the achievement of earning an “A” school grade to the collective efforts of the entire school community. He proudly shares, “All our teachers, administrators, staff—everybody in the building—is committed to student success. We’re committed to the ASU Prep mission to prep students for college and careers.”

ASU Prep Casa Grande’s distinction as the only A-rated high school in Pinal County is well-deserved. The school’s commitment to academic excellence, nurturing culture, and team effort has created an environment where students thrive and are academically and personally prepared for their future endeavors.

Learn more about ASU Prep Casa Grande’s rigorous university preparatory curriculum that puts students on a personalized path to success with opportunities to explore college and careers while in high school.