ASU Prep and Pipeline Design & Engineering team up to offer students a unique internship program.

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In a dedicated effort to guide young minds toward college and career pathways, ASU Preparatory Academy and Pipeline Design & Engineering have united to forge an extraordinary high school internship program. This groundbreaking collaboration, rooted in Pipeline’s innovative CAD Club initiative, offers the opportunity for high school students to gain practical engineering experience.

Recently, FOX 10 Phoenix highlighted this initiative in a compelling video, shedding light on the 10-week internship program that has opened new doors for students interested in STEM education, preparing students for future opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Paving the way for young engineers

At the heart of this partnership is Aaron Moncur, President of Pipeline Design & Engineering, whose journey into education was sparked by a deeply personal experience. Last school year, one of Aaron’s children confronted the terrifying reality of a school lockdown due to an active shooter threat. This poignant experience fueled Aaron’s determination to make a positive impact on the lives of young individuals.

Motivated to make a difference, Aaron launched the summer CAD Club for teens aged 13 and up. Using the OnShape computer-aided design (CAD) software, CAD Club quickly became a sanctuary for teens to explore the captivating realm of engineering. Despite not being an educator, Aaron leveraged his resources to provide a constructive outlet. He emphasizes this initiative isn’t just about teaching computer-aided design; rather, it is also about teaching students valuable life skills through Pipeline’s core tenets such as “persistence beats brilliance” and “be honest.”

From summer club to engineering internship program

With a shared mission to make a meaningful impact, Aaron connected with Felecia O’Neal, ASU Prep’s Network College & Career Coordinator. Felecia was determined to ensure students did not miss out on this transformative opportunity, even during summer break. Within weeks, a conference room at Pipeline echoed with the enthusiasm of Prep high school students working on real-world engineering challenges.

Building upon this initial success, Felecia proposed the creation of a high school internship program at the onset of the fall semester. In the proposed program, ASU Prep students would dedicate 60 hours to CAD Club activities over the course of a semester, complemented by job-shadowing opportunities and hands-on engagement in ongoing Pipeline engineering projects. What emerged was an unprecedented opportunity for high school students to act as true engineers within a real-world engineering company.

As the fall semester progressed, six ASU Prep student interns from various Prep campuses around Phoenix actively practiced engineering skills and thinking at Pipeline Design and Engineering. They earned high school credit while also gaining practical engineering skills development and invaluable real-world experience. This partnership exemplifies the transformative impact of collaboration with industry experts, empathy, and a shared commitment to empowering the next generation of engineers.

Apply for upcoming internship opportunities at ASU Prep

The success of the fall semester internship lay the groundwork for the upcoming spring semester. Felecia O’Neal encourages interested Prep students to email for the spring internship application process.

Have an idea for a virtual or in-person internship opportunity?

For organizations or businesses eager to contribute or create innovative high school internships programs for ASU Prep students, learn more by reviewing ASU Prep’s guidelines for internship supervisors.

This collaborative endeavor, fueled by a parent’s concern and an educator’s vision, is reshaping the educational narrative in Arizona. ASU Prep and Pipeline Design & Engineering have orchestrated an initiative that not only imparts engineering principles but showcases the profound impact partnerships can have on the lives of young individuals in search of inspiration and direction.