ASU Prep Head of Schools and three-time Sun Devil, Dr. Betsy Fowler earns doctorate

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When Dr. Betsy Fowler, Head of Schools for ASU Preparatory Academy, entered the ASU educational doctorate program three years ago, her motivation was straightforward and heartfelt: She wanted to be a role model for her two young daughters. With her accomplishments and leadership, she’s sure to inspire many more.

Fowler recently completed her 12th school year as a staff member at ASU Prep. Now that she’s graduated from the ASU Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College’s Doctor of Education (EdD) program, she reflects on a journey that has profoundly impacted both her personal and professional life.

Dr. Fowler began her ASU Prep career as a classroom teacher at the Downtown Phoenix campus. Benefiting from ASU Prep’s generous tuition-waiver program for employees, she seized the opportunity to pursue both her master’s and doctoral degrees. What she didn’t anticipate was how instrumental the doctoral program would be in shaping her leadership abilities and providing new skills that bolster the success of ASU Preparatory Academy.

ASU’s EdD program focuses on a research paradigm called Action Research, which closely mirrors the decision-making processes used regularly by leaders. This methodology involves identifying a problem, researching potential solutions, deciding on an action or intervention, evaluating the plan’s success, and reflecting on the outcomes.

While her formal research and dissertation focused on the impact of book studies on organizational change, Dr. Fowler has applied these skills broadly—from making curriculum decisions to developing a new college-going survey for Prep students.

Beyond gaining research expertise, Dr. Fowler also forged valuable connections during her time in the program. She successfully recruited several EdD cohort members, including Trista Zobitz and Rachna Mathur, to join the ASU Prep team.

Additionally, she is collaborating with Dr. Jill Loveall, ASU Prep’s Director of Teacher Development and Learning Initiatives, to redesign teacher advancement and professional development programs. Both Dr. Loveall and Dr. Fowler graduated together this semester from the same EdD program.

Dr. Fowler, a proud three-time Sun Devil, showcases her dedication and commitment to education through her academic and professional achievements. Her leadership and vision continue to inspire and drive progress at ASU Prep.

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