ASU Prep Phoenix Lease Renewed for 5 More Years

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Dear ASU Prep Families,

Good news! On Thursday, September 24, the Phoenix Elementary School District (PESD) board approved a new lease agreement for our ASU Prep Phoenix campus. The new lease term begins July 1, 2021 for five years and includes continued in-kind services each year from ASU Prep in addition to rent.

During the board meeting, board member Susan Benjamin stated, “I am thrilled with the in-kind services that have occurred this past year. I felt it was a real collaborative effort…I will be really interested to watch all kinds of creative things happening between Prep and Phoenix Elementary for the good of the children in Phoenix El for years to come.”

In response to the board approval, during the meeting Dr. Anna Battle said, “We look forward to continue working with you all, it has been our pleasure to do so. We believe that we will have tremendous outcomes over the next five years, so thank you very much. We look forward to the partnership.”

ASU Prep will continue to improve educational outcomes for years to come for the students in our Sun Devil family. We wish to thank our families, students, staff, and ASU community for their unwavering support and encouragement as we have worked toward this mutually beneficial outcome.

It is our hope that as students eventually return to campus ASU Prep Phoenix will continue to be their safe haven where they are encouraged to grow academically, socially and emotionally.

Go Devils!

ASU Preparatory Academy Leadership Team