ASU Prep’s Community-Based and Digital Model Options for Families

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ASU Preparatory Academy is offering several learning options beginning in Fall 2020. Here are more details about two of them: the Digital vs Community-Based model. This information is intended to help you explore these models in more detail.

More Detail for Families Who Selected the Digital Model

ASU Prep Digital will begin instruction August 3, 2020, for families who have selected this option (option 4). These students must be withdrawn from the ASU Prep school where they are currently registered and re-enroll with ASU Prep Digital. If you would prefer to remain a student at the campus where you are registered, you may still select our Community-Based academic model (see below). More communication will be provided to these families.

In the Digital model, your student will participate in a pure online learning environment. Your student will receive live online instruction once per week, per subject for grades 6-12 and daily for grades K-5. Your student will have ample opportunities to also interact with their teacher through Zoom and live scenarios upon request. In addition to live lessons, your student will participate in online education outside of the live lesson time. Students will have the opportunity to join online clubs and enrichment programs. As an ASU Prep Digital student, your student would be withdrawn from their brick and mortar school, enrolled with ASU Prep Digital, and will need to provide their own device for learning. If switching to ASU Prep Digital, you are not guaranteed a spot back at your brick and mortar school. We will collaborate with you on completing the necessary paperwork to help you through the transition.

More Detail for Families Who Selected the Community-Based Model

The ASU Prep Community-Based model will begin August 17, 2020. This instructional model is a full-time virtual model. There is no requirement to attend school in person, but includes contact with your campus’ teachers as needed. Since the Community-Based model is staffed by the ASU Prep teachers at the campus where the student is registered, the start date is the same as Immersion and Hybrid students.

As a Community-Based Digital student with ASU Prep, your student continues to be enrolled with their brick and mortar school. If willing, your student can participate in a pure online learning environment but also have the option for some in-person opportunities. Your student will participate in live virtual lessons at least two times per week. When not participating in live lessons, your student will be provided with virtual content and assignments to complete on their own at home. Your student’s teacher will be available for virtual office hours and questions. Students will be provided with the technology needed to participate in their virtual learning experience. Your student will be able to easily switch from Community-Based digital back to In-Person instruction or Hybrid instruction throughout specific times during the year. In addition, your student may participate in-person on the Fridays they choose. As a Community-Based digital student, you are not obligated to come in-person until you feel the time is right. It’s an option to continue learning online but with the flexibility to switch to Hybrid or In-Person throughout the school year.

Compare the Digital versus Community-Based Model

Below is a chart to help you see the main differences between choosing the Digital versus Community-Based Model. If you need more clarification when making your choice, please email and we are happy to help!

ASU Prep Chart

*In-person activities are not associated with a specific ASU Prep campus.