Top-rated preschools in Mesa, AZ 2024

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Mesa, Arizona is home to 57 preschools, with the student population being mostly Hispanic or white. Parents who are looking to enroll their child have a number of daycares, pre-kindergarten programs, learning centers, and child care centers to choose from, but when it comes to class size, quality of education, and teacher qualifications, some schools stand out more than the others.

What to look for in a Mesa preschool

One of the most important qualifiers to look for in a preschool is how it encourages social and mental growth through educational programs to support your child’s development. From motor skills to language and behavior, children ages three to six are reaching important milestones that set the tone for long-term development.

However, this enrichment isn’t just for in-person classrooms—online schools should be evaluated in the same way. It is possible to enjoy hands-on activities, engaging experiences, and collaboration that allows your student to interact with others and grow from the comfort of your home.

The best local preschools in Mesa, AZ

Mesa public schools offer challenging curriculums with diverse options, including STEM, free Montessori, and other accelerated programs. Our selections for top schools factored in these offerings, along with class size and overall student and parent experience. Here’s a quick look at the best preschools in Mesa, AZ for 2024.

ASU Preparatory Academy Polytechnic Preschool

1. ASU Preparatory Academy Polytechnic Preschool

ASU Prep Poly Preschool aims to help students build strong foundations in both academics and social development while preparing students to enter ASU Prep Poly STEM Elementary. In February of this year, ASU Prep Poly earned a prestigious A+ School of Excellence Award by the Arizona Educational Foundation for its dedication to high-quality education. It’s a STEM-certified school that serves nearly 500 students in grades K through 4, offering a diverse, nurturing environment that helps each student build a strong foundation for their education. 

Pre-K students at ASU Prep Poly interact with certified educators who focus on a play-based approach to activities, art, music, and beginning comprehension studies. It’s a supportive and warm environment where your child will grow their confidence and social skills while preparing for kindergarten enrollment. 

And with smaller class sizes, teachers are able to spend more time with each child and focus on their individual growth. ASU Prep Poly follows Next Education Workforce, a teaching model that empowers educators and provides all students with a more personalized learning experience. 

Betsy Fowler, Head of Schools at ASU Prep Academy, said, “In the classroom, we have a focus on what we call blended personalized learning, which means students are gaining really important technology skills and using technology tools, but also doing in-person learning where they’re collaborating with each other.”

Stats on ASU Prep Polytechnic: 

  • 466 PreK–4th grade students
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 25:1

Name: ASU Prep Poly Preschool

Address: 6950 E Williams Field Rd., Mesa, AZ 85212

Contact Number: 480-727-5700


Franklin Accelerated Academy - Brimhall Campus

2. Franklin Accelerated Academy – Brimhall Campus

Franklin Accelerated Academy is a National Blue Ribbon School that offers a traditional in-person environment for all students on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The school’s programs are heavily influenced by parental input and guidance, with a focus on reading, writing, and math. 

Stats on Franklin Accelerated – Brimhall:

  • 759 PreK–6th grade students
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 19:1

To learn more about Franklin Accelerated Academy – Brimhall Campus, please visit their Facebook.

3. Las Sendas Elementary School

Las Sendas is an A+ School of Excellence that’s known for their large, successful music program, and for being the only school in the district to teach the Suzuki Method, which every child is required to learn. 

Stats on Las Sendas:

  • 738 PreK–6th grade students
  • Student-teacher ratio: 19:1

To learn more about Las Sendas Elementary School, please visit their Facebook.

MacArthur Elementary School students and faculty

4. MacArthur Elementary School

Macarthur Elementary School is known for having high community engagement and promoting hands-on learning for all students. 

The school has adopted a health-focused education that led them to be recognized by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Teachers are encouraged to get to know students on a personal level to support social-emotional development and growth of each child.

Stats on MacArthur Elementary:

  1. 544 PreK–6th grade students
  2. Student-teacher ratio: 17:1
Franklin Accelerated Academy East Campus students

5. Franklin Accelerated Academy East Campus

Franklin Accelerated Academy has an A+ Schools of Excellence award for their successful approach to education. 

They encourage students to learn to read by using authentic children’s literature as a way to keep them engaged and enriched.

Stats on Franklin Accelerated:

Canyon Rim Elementary students

6. Canyon Rim Elementary

Canyon Rim Elementary offers three different preschool programs: Kindergarten Prep, Building Blocks 3, and Advantage Preschool. 

Kindergarten Prep is the traditional program (either in-person or hybrid) that helps students jump start their traditional learning pathway. 

Both Building Blocks and Advantage Preschool Programs offer a specialized curriculum based on AZ Early Childhood Standards, with Building Blocks focusing on building confidence and Advantage Preschool focusing on critical thinking and social-emotional development. 

Stats on Canyon Rim:

To learn more about Canyon Rim Elementary, please visit their Facebook.

Hermosa Vista Elementary students

7. Hermosa Vista Elementary

With Spanish-language programs at the forefront, Hermosa Vista is known for its dual-language immersion program and FLEX program, helping students gain Spanish language skills.

The school is health focused and follows Next Education Workforce, a teaching model that empowers educators and provides all students with a more personalized learning experience. 

Stats on Hermosa Vista:

To learn more about Hermosa Vista Elementary, please visit their Facebook.

Meridian Elementary students

8. Meridian Elementary

Meridian Elementary offers two preschool programs: Advantage Preschool and Building Blocks 3 & 4

The Advantage Preschool option includes Integrated SPICE—a blended program with a maximum of 12 students learning and collaborating in one inclusive environment. It promotes social interactions and communication skills through peer modeling and intentional feedback.

The Building Blocks program is designed using AZ Early Childhood Standards, creating a foundation for young students that promotes confidence within an elementary school environment.

Stats on Meridian:

To learn more about Meridian Elementary, please visit their Facebook.

Hale Elementary students

9. Hale Elementary

Extracurricular activities and the arts are at the heart of Hale Elementary, and it starts with their Early Learning (Preschool) program

Students focus on critical thinking skills and social-emotional development in an inclusive environment for all levels. 

The implementation of The Creative Curriculum allows students to explore different learning styles and modalities, which can then be tracked by teachers to create an individualized education for each student.

Stats on Hale:

To learn more about Hale Elementary, please visit their Facebook.

Zaharis Elementary

10. Zaharis Elementary

In addition to STEM Enrichment Preschool and Montessori, Pre-k students at Zaharis Elementary also have access to the CTE Preschool & Childcare Program. 

The school implements a tuition-based education for children who are three to five years old and directed by a highly qualified educator with a specialty in early childhood education, as well as high school students working toward their educational career via CTE Education Professionals. 

Like other elementary schools within their district, Zaharis follows The Creative Curriculum and offers an individualized approach to preschool education with age-appropriate activities.

Stats on Zaharis:

To learn more about Zaharis Elementary, please visit their Facebook.

Comparing top-rated Mesa preschools?

ASU Prep Poly Preschool is a tuition-free public preschool. Through a diverse school environment and family partnerships, ASU Prep Poly Preschool helps students build strong foundations in both academics and social development through a combination of structured and free play. Our preschool students learn to share, interact with others, develop reasoning skills, and build confidence and self-esteem to make a seamless transition to Kindergarten.

We believe all students can achieve success at the highest levels. Our education is personalized, project-based, and delivered at a pace that meets students where they are. The pathway to higher education and career success continues all the way through high school at ASU Prep Poly STEM Elementary, ASU Prep Poly Spark Institute, and ASU Prep Poly High School

Chartered by Arizona State University, ASU Preparatory Academy students are Sun Devils from day one, receiving regular opportunities for mentorship by ASU students and faculty. We’re helping students discover and pursue their passions, achieve their goals, and build a lifelong love of learning on their journey to success.To learn more about ASU Prep, please visit our website.