Kristin Jackson-Nesmith

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Kristin has been an educator for 24 years. She spent 22 of those years in traditional, in-person settings in Washington, DC before transitioning to e-learning at ASU Prep Digital. Kristin has taught multiple grades from second through high school math, spending several years as a middle and high school math teacher and math department chair, before becoming a high school administrator. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Saint Peter’s University (NJ) and earned her master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration from George Washington University (DC). Her passion for education started very early as the child of a retired school administrator. Kristin believes that education is her calling and she is passionate about finding innovative ways to educate the whole child and provide them with the skills they need to be successful in school and in life. Not only is she an avid sports fan, in her spare time, Kristin also enjoys spending time with her son (current ASU student); cooking/baking; or trying new restaurants.

Jenny Spencer

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What do you like most about your position? Working with families!

When you’re not working, what will we find you doing? Reading, shopping, traveling.

Dr. Toya Abrams

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Dr. Toya Abrams has worked in public education in Arizona for over 23 years. Starting as a teacher of a variety of grades and then moving on to a teacher mentor, interventionist, instructional coach, director and then school principal, Dr. Abrams is passionate about leading others to success.

Having also previously taught and created curriculum for multiple colleges and universities, Dr. Abrams notably worked as a Clinical Professor and Site Administrator for ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College for over eight years. In these roles, Dr. Abrams created and taught courses related to teacher development, subject matter content areas, while also coaching, evaluating and supporting senior year students completing year-long field experience student teaching as part of the iTeachAZ program in various Arizona school districts.

Additionally, Dr. Abrams had the honor of serving in all developmental roles to start-up and open a fully accredited online K-12 school in the state of Arizona. In addition to being the founder and principal of the school, Dr. Abrams simultaneously served as the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Federal Programs, leading many innovative and exceptional student-centered advocacies in a school district here in Arizona.

Dr. Abrams initially started with ASU Prep Digital as one of the Digital High School Principals and transitioned into the proud Digital Middle School Principal over a year ago.

Dr. Abrams loves to help others learn but is always learning herself! She has earned undergraduate degrees in merchandising and sociology, three master’s degrees (elementary education with teacher certification, educational leadership with principal certification and sociology). Additionally, Dr. Abrams spent two years as a second language learner herself pursuing a diploma in Spanish as an exchange student in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Dr. Abrams completed her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Innovation here at ASU, dedicating her action research to a deeper examination of the social sciences in education, focusing specifically on building professional identity through personalized learning experiences with an emphasis on how high-quality educational experiences impact achievement.

Originally from South Louisiana, Dr. Abrams loves to be around happy people and laugh as much as possible. She currently lives in Arizona, in the Carefree Foothills area with her husband, 13-year-old theater-obsessed daughter and LOTS of pets!

Dr. Robert Striebel

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Dr. Robert (Bobby) Striebel has worked in the educational community for over a decade and has served in multiple capacities. He has taught both high school and college level Science courses, as well as Career & Technical Education courses. He is experienced teaching and leading programs for both traditional in-person and online instruction. Dr. Striebel has served as a Science Department Chair, CTE Lead and most recently as a high school administrator. He has a passion for the application of technology to improve educational attainment and overall student experience. Fun fact: Prior to entering the field of education, Dr. Striebel worked for 11 years in law enforcement, as a Senior Forensic Chemist. He and his wife, Kimberly, our blessed with four adult daughters and one grandchild.

Dr. Sage Sirotkin

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Dr. Sage Sirotkin has spent almost 30 years in the field of education. Since her first experience with online teaching in 2004, Dr. Sirotkin has been focused on creating and supporting blended and digital learning models that promote high engagement in a participatory culture and collaboration across physical boundaries. Student-centered, innovative education is her passion! Dr. Sirotkin has a Ph.D. in Education with a concentration in Learning, Instruction, and Innovation, an M.Ed. in Literacy, a dual B.A. in English and Social Studies, and a certificate in Global Development and Innovation. She currently lives in Southwest Florida, where she and her family enjoy spending as much time at the beach as possible.