Middle School Guitar

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This course is designed for people who have never picked up the instrument before but have always wanted to try. The course covers all of the notes, chords, and theory that you need to get started. And for those more advanced players, you’ll learn about different musical styles and techniques that aim to round out your sound and inspire your song craft. You will need a playable six-string guitar and a way to record and submit a video performance to your instructor. A guitar is “playable” if it is the correct size for the guitarist, is easy to press the strings down against the frets, and plays in tune up and down the fretboard. There are three common types of six-string guitars: classical, steel string, and electric. If you do not already have a guitar, you may want to seek the advice of an experienced guitarist, a guitar teacher, or your local music store. This course is taught using a right-handed guitar. Students choosing to use a left-handed guitar will need to adjust accordingly. No prior music background is required. No prerequisites are required.

Required Materials

To complete this course, you will need 1 of the following types of guitars:

  • 6 string acoustic
  • 6 string electric
  • 6 string classical

You will also want a few picks at your disposal.

Optional purchases that most players like to have on hand include:

  • 1 set of backup strings
  • 1 string winder / peg winder
  • 1 tuner app downloaded on your phone (or 1 physical tuner)