Middle School Ukulele

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The ukulele is the perfect instrument for budding musicians who have never played a musical instrument, as well as experienced musicians who desire to expand their instrumental diversity. MS Ukulele is an entry-level course for students wishing to develop knowledge of musical concepts, while also developing the technical skills necessary to play melodies and accompaniments on the ukulele. Various forms of notation and symbolism common to the ukulele (e.g. standard notation, tablature, fretboard diagrams and chord diagrams) are presented along with techniques and strategies for improvising melodies and chord accompaniments. No prior music background is required. No prerequisites are required.

Required Materials:
  • Students will need to borrow, rent, or purchase a playable ukulele (soprano, concert, or tenor). Because of the differences in tuning, baritone and bass ukuleles are not appropriate for this course. A ukulele is “playable” if it is the correct size for the ukulele player, is easy to press the strings down against the frets, and plays in tune up and down the fretboard. This course is taught using a right-handed ukulele. It is recommended that left-handed students try playing on a right-handed ukulele when first learning.
  • Students will need a way to record and submit video performances to their instructor. (This can be done via a webcam and microphone connected to a computer. Other alternatives include a smartphone, tablet, or digital camera.)