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The ASU Prep Way: Work hard. Be kind. Be smart.

  • We are a Cambridge Curriculum school aligned with the AZ College and Career Ready standards.
  • Family involvement is the key to our success.
  • Our high school graduation requirements are aligned with ASU’s admission requirements.
  • We have a comprehensive program that includes sports and extra-curricular activities to support students beyond the school day.


degree university results about asu prep

of our students admitted
to four-year degree granting
universities (70% admitted to ASU)


graduation rate results about asu prep

Four-year graduation rate for
the 2015–2016 school year


graduating class college credits results about asu prep

of last year’s graduating class
earned at least 3 college credits
and a GPA of 3.3


scholarships awards results about asu prep

of our ASU bound students
earned Merit based scholarships


Cambridge Curriculum

ASU Preparatory Academy is a Cambridge Curriculum school aligned with the AZ College and Career Ready standards focused on critical thinking skills and deep learning experiences. The Cambridge Curriculum helps students develop critical thinking and learning skills that prepare them for success in college. Programs are designed to be challenging. Students learn the key concepts of each subject by examining them in depth, and at their own pace. Each area is flexible, so that teachers can use relevant examples like local context and culture.

Students have to demonstrate core understanding of a subject, and be able to think critically. Exams are used to recognize, reward and encourage this learning. The Cambridge Curriculum has different levels meant for different ages of learning:

  • Cambridge Primary – for ages 5-11
  • Cambridge Secondary – for ages 11-14
  • Cambridge IGCSE – for ages 14-16
  • Cambridge International AS & A Level – for ages 16+


“The teachers here challenge you, and I consider this a very good thing. They’re always informed on what they’re teaching, rather than just reading out of the book. They care about what they’re doing, and it shows.”
- ASU Preparatory Academy Student, High School Senior Review posted on education search website

Classroom experience

ILP individual learning plan classroom experiences about asu prep

An Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) is developed for each student in consultation with parents/guardians and families and is conducted quarterly. This plan includes a list of learning outcomes the student is expected to achieve and a visual indicator of progress and an agenda for personal conferences with the student’s teachers and parents/guardians. The final level of achievement on each learning outcome will be a part of the student’s 10-week report card.

Class sizes do not exceed a 30:1 student-to-teacher ratio.

stem engineering classroom experiences about asu prep

At the STEM Academy, students engage in content and engineering challenges offered by leading STEM and partnering organizations.

college majors apprenticeships classroom experiene about asu prep

Students can explore college majors and career disciplines through personalized academic apprenticeships with ASU faculty and community organizations.

develop skills capstone classroom experiences about asu prep

Students develop leadership skills, public speaking skills and civic responsibility through Capstone project ventures and university experiences.

online courses classroom experience about asu prep

After demonstrating readiness, juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take ASU Online courses while supported by ASU Prep faculty.

technology student classroom experiences about asu prep

Students use technology for completing coursework.

collaboration project summative classroom experiences about asu prep

Each quarter, students work together to create a project/product which showcases the learning achieved during the quarter. At the end of the quarter, students and families gather together in the evening for a display of the work accomplished. These events, called Summatives, are times for celebration of work completed and goals mastered.

family involvement service hours classroom experiences about asu prep

Our families contribute a minimum of 30 hours per year to help students succeed.


“ASU Prep has amazing teachers who really care and make a difference with every student!”
- ASU Preparatory Academy Parent, Facebook Review