Latest podcast uncovers how ASU Prep is using AI to personalize learning

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Getting Smart, a hub for educational resources and insights, recently featured a conversation with Rachna Mathur, Senior STEM Strategist and CEO/Founder of Stemology Club, and Meg Grothman, Director of Arizona Impact and Mathematics Innovation at ASU Preparatory Academy.

The intriguing podcast episode “Rachna Mathur and Meg Grothman on Integrating AI in the Classroom” explores how artificial intelligence (AI) tools, when used thoughtfully alongside supportive teachers and coaches, can facilitate deeper, more engaging learning experiences. This aligns with ASU Prep’s vision of making personalized education a reality for all learners.

Children learning about STEM

While discussing the powerful potential of AI, the podcast also addresses concerns such as academic integrity and the digital divide in regards to access.

Listen to the podcast to learn how ASU Prep is revolutionizing education and to understand why host Nate McClennen says, “ASU Prep and ASU both continue to live up to their reputation as innovative organizations that are inclusive rather than exclusive in who they serve.”