Top-rated middle schools in Mesa, AZ 2024

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As parents navigate through the educational landscape of Mesa Arizona, it’s crucial to stay informed about local student population trends and how they may impact your child’s schooling experience, particularly as they transition to middle school.

Mesa Public Schools is the largest school district in Arizona with more than 64,500 students enrolled. Understanding why this matters can help parents make informed decisions regarding their child’s academic journey. In the context of middle school, where social and academic development intertwine, understanding class sizes, extracurricular opportunities, and support services will help you choose the best middle school for your student.

In this guide, we have compiled a list of the top rated middle schools in Mesa based on a variety of important factors. We sifted through public middle schools, charter schools, private schools, and their school rankings to put together this list, examining schools in Mesa and surrounding areas including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, and more. Navigating your child’s transition from elementary school to middle school can be overwhelming, but we’ve got you covered.

What to look for in a middle school in Mesa, AZ

For Mesa parents considering the right middle school for their child, there are several key factors to keep in mind to ensure their student’s academic and personal growth.

First and foremost, look for a middle school with a strong academic curriculum tailored to meet the diverse needs of students. This includes not only core subjects like math, science, and language arts but also enrichment programs and opportunities for advanced coursework. For example, ASU Prep Academy offers several individualized programs, giving students the chance to explore STEM-centered learning and even local university opportunities, and more.

It’s also crucial to consider the school’s approach to student support services to ensure that every child receives the assistance they need to thrive. Beyond academics, prioritize schools with a positive and inclusive school culture, where students feel safe, respected, and engaged in their learning.

Our top school on this list, ASU Prep Academy Polytechnic’s Poly Spark Institute, offers a number of student support services that are critical to your student’s middle school experience and beyond. As you consider which middle school to enroll your student in this school year, also keep in mind that Arizona is known for its friendly stance toward both public charter schools and school choice vouchers, offering the flexibility to choose a middle school that is right for your family.

Mesa, Arizona middle schools

The best middle schools in Mesa, AZ 2024

To determine the middle schools to be included in this list, our team carefully considered a number of factors. Middle school is a critical time in a child’s life and we know as a parent, you want to provide your child with the best education possible.

We considered factors such as core curriculum, extracurricular opportunities, college preparedness, individualized learning plans, student support services, test scores, and accessibility. When it comes to choosing the best middle schools in Mesa, for this list we selected schools with a track record of student success, personalized support, and a focus on preparing students to reach future academic milestones.

1. ASU Prep Academy Poly Spark Institute

Mesa, Arizona middle school students

ASU Preparatory Academy Polytechnic middle school (Poly Spark Institute) is a full-time, tuition-free program for students in grades 7–8. ASU Prep Poly started with a vision to immerse students in STEM-centered learning, with a location right on the ASU Polytechnic college campus. The ASU Poly Spark program was designed specifically for middle school students in collaboration with the ASU Teachers College. The Poly Spark Institute is an innovative program that offers personalized, project-based learning. Here are just a few of the opportunities that students at ASU Poly Spark have:

  • Internships and access to university courses on the ASU Polytechnic Campus
  • Opportunities to work with ASU researchers on real-world projects
  • Preparation for college entrance and careers in STEM

With incredible staff, and a curriculum that offers multiple pathways to Arizona State University programs, the ASU Poly Spark Institute sets your middle schooler on a personalized path to success.

Parents of students enjoy being an active part of their child’s middle school experience. From individualized learning plans, to field trips, to parent workshops and clubs, family involvement is honored and celebrated at ASU Prep Academy Poly Spark Institute.

Name: ASU Prep Academy Polytechnic, Poly Spark Institute
Address: 7330 E Innovation Way South, Mesa, AZ 85212
Contact Number: 480-210-3943

2. Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies

Mesa Academy Middle School

Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies is a nationally recognized school for gifted and talented students. Mesa Academy offers a rigorous and enriching curriculum designed to challenge and inspire young minds.

With a focus on critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, students at Mesa Academy are empowered to reach their full potential and excel academically. The school’s dedicated teachers and staff are passionate about nurturing the unique talents and interests of each student, fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Beyond academics, Mesa Academy provides numerous opportunities for enrichment, including advanced placement courses, STEM initiatives, and extracurricular activities, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

To learn more about Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies, please visit their Facebook.

3. Franklin Junior High

Franklin Junior High

Franklin Junior High School offers a number of enriching academic programs designed to get students involved in everything from student government to the honors society.

In addition to the rigorous academic programs, Franklin has outstanding extracurriculars such as the Science & Robotics Club. Eighth graders at Franklin have the opportunity to participate in their Close Up program which culminates in a trip to Washington, DC for students to observe democracy in action. Franklin Junior High is also a part of the National Academics League. Your middle school student would be poised for success academically and in the real world through the programs offered at Franklin.

To learn more about Franklin Junior High, please visit their Facebook.

4. Stapley Junior High School

Stapley Junior High

Stapley Junior High School stands out with its dual immersion language program and award winning performing arts program. This middle school offers CTE career pathways, which gives students the opportunity to apply their learning to earn industry certificates and dual enrollment credits.

In addition to their core academic program, they have an incredible athletic department and performing arts opportunities. Stapley Junior High has a plethora of student support services including animal therapy, and community service experiences. This middle school’s mission is to create an environment of academic excellence alongside community excellence.

To learn more about Stapley Junior High School, please visit their Facebook.

5. Summit Junior High

Summit Junior High

Summit Junior High is a part of the International Baccalaureate Program. Commonly called IB Schools, this middle school program continues into high school and is one of the best national programs available to students.

In addition to the IB program, Summit Junior High boasts a diverse population and service learning opportunities. This middle school has a standout music program and wonderful performing arts program. Summit sets your student up for academic success beyond middle school while offering enriching extracurricular experiences.

To learn more about Summit Junior High, please visit their Facebook.

6. Fremont Junior High

Fremont Junior high

Fremont Junior High has a program called AVID. This program stands for Advanced Via Individual Determination and is a highschool and college readiness system. This middle school also offers a robust STEM program to help students gain critical education in needed career fields.

In addition to individualized learning and STEM programs, Fremont also offers college level Spanish classes and a highly successful art program. Fremont is a great place for middle school students who want to go into STEM fields without sacrificing the need for a well rounded education.

To learn more about Fremont Junior High, please visit their Facebook.

7. Taylor Junior High School

Taylor Junior High School

Taylor Junior High is considered a Civic Engagement School, which means this middle school demonstrates effective implementation of the six proven practices in civic learning, including strong formal instruction in social studies, U.S. government, history, economics, geography, law and democracy.

In addition to the distinction of being a Civic Engagement School, Taylor also offers a dual language immersion program.

To learn more about Taylor Junior High School, please visit their Facebook.

8. Poston Junior High

Poston Junior High

Poston Junior High stands out as a middle school that offers incredible student support. Poston has several programs designed to help students achieve success in a way that makes sense for the student.

Poston Create is a program geared toward giving students individualized support for specific classes and integrates into their normal school day. Poston also has a program called PBIS. Positive Behavior Intervention and Support is an instructional approach to discipline, which is used to encourage self-management and problem-solving skills.

To learn more about Poston Junior High, please visit their Facebook.

9. Shepherd Junior High

Shepherd Junior High

Is your middle school student interested in performing arts or music? Shepherd Junior High is the middle school with the most robust performing arts and music program on this list. Their choir, drama, and other performing arts groups have won multiple awards.

In addition to being the performing arts school, they are an A+ School of Excellence and a Civic Engagement School. Your child can have both a wonderful academic and enriching art experience at Shepherd Junior High.

To learn more about Shepherd Junior High, please visit their Facebook.

10. Eagleridge Enrichment

Eagleridge Enrichment

Eagleridge Enrichment Program is designed specifically for homeschoolers in middle school. Eagleridge offers certified instructors, a variety of schedules and courses.

Eagleridge prides itself on providing a wide variety of very interesting, engaging and enriching classes focused on creativity, cooperative learning, and exploration. They also provide parents with homeschool materials and resources free of charge.

To learn more about Eagleridge Enrichment Program, please visit their Facebook.

ASU Prep Academy Polytechnic Middle School

Comparing top-rated Mesa middle schools?

ASU Prep Academy Poly Spark Institute is a great tuition-free middle school option to consider if you want a learning environment that immerses students in STEM-centered education. ASU Prep Academy believes all students can achieve success at the highest levels, and it’s why our education is personalized, project-based, and delivered at a pace that meets students where they are. In addition our students enjoy pathways to higher education and career success with early college opportunities to earn tuition-free university credit at ASU Prep Poly STEM High School.

Chartered by Arizona State University, ASU Prep Academy students are Sun Devils from day one, receiving regular opportunities for mentorship by ASU students and faculty. It’s how we’re helping students discover and pursue their passions, achieve their goals, and build a lifelong love of learning on their journey to success.

To learn more about ASU Prep Academy Poly Spark Institute, please visit our website.