Full STEAM Ahead: Pilgrim Rest launches innovative Dreamscape Learn Pod

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Learning, innovation, and fun propelled STEAM Ahead! Spring into Dreamscape, an ASU Prep neighborhood event hosted at the Pilgrim Rest campus. A vibrant celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), this event invited families to immerse themselves in a world of interactive learning.

The special occasion marked the unveiling of the new Dreamscape Learn Pod, positioning ASU Prep Pilgrim Rest as the first K–8 school in the nation to incorporate such advanced virtual reality technology into its curriculum. 

Attendees were treated to a variety of hands-on activities designed to spark curiosity and enthusiasm for STEAM subjects. From engaging coding games to creative arts and crafts, the event provided a plethora of activities including building with Legos, crafting slime, and gardening projects. It was an invitation for the community to explore the limitless possibilities of learning through play and discovery.

Principal Marissa Schneckloth highlighted the essence of the event, stating that it showcased “Everything that STEAM represents, that we represent here, and implement in our classrooms every day.”

The enthusiasm was palpable, particularly from Grace, a student who described her experience as “super amazing,” noting it was one of the best she has had, “kind of out of this world, literally.” No doubt Grace was referring to a unique opportunity offered by the Dreamscape Pod, allowing students to virtually traverse the moon.

Dreamscape Learning Pod aligns with ASU Prep’s commitment to innovative, personalized, and project-based learning and will be implemented into the ASU Prep Pilgrim Rest curriculum beginning this spring. This unique learning experience will continue to evolve during summer school and throughout the 2024-25 school year, as ASU Prep Pilgrim Rest expands its current enrollment to encompass seventh and eighth graders, as well.

“Having the Dreamscape Pod gives our students an opportunity that no one else in the nation has,” shared Schneckloth. This pioneering approach aims to dismantle barriers to education, enabling students to pursue their passions, achieve their aspirations, and foster a lifelong love of learning.

Beyond the festivities, the event served as an open house for potential new families interested in the educational opportunities at ASU Prep Pilgrim Rest. Guests were invited to meet staff, tour the facilities, and engage with the educational initiatives that inspire students to excel academically. 

Check out highlights from STEAM Ahead! Spring into Dreamscape at ASU Prep Pilgrim Rest. 

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