Racing into the future with ASU Prep Poly 5th grader William Macdonald

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Tech-savvy 5th grader William Macdonald takes STEM-centered learning seriously. As a student at ASU Prep Polytechnic STEM Academy, William has a passion for coding and an entrepreneurial spirit that shines as bright as the circuits he loves to tinker with. Recently, it inspired him to orchestrate the first-ever ASU Robot Race.

William and a friend presented a proposal for this innovative event to the school counselor and Principal Claudia Mendoza, receiving an enthusiastic green light. William then designed marketing materials on Canva, recruited participants, and planned a challenging track filled with obstacles designed to test the mettle of each competing robot.

While William won’t be competing in the race he designed, he is thrilled to oversee the competition that includes grade representatives in grades 3 through 6. The grand prize on the line? A pizza, cupcake, and movie party for the winning contestant’s entire class.

William Macdonald at a racing track


William’s knack for technology isn’t just limited to school projects. Check out the February 2024 issue of Epic Kids to learn about his other enterprises, including constructing walls and wiring the lighting in his family’s home. With dreams of following in his parents’ footsteps to attend ASU for his undergraduate studies, William Macdonald is a shining example of where curiosity, creativity, and a love for technology can lead.