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The ASU Preparatory Academy STEM high school program on the ASU Polytechnic campus prepares students to enter and graduate from a university of their choice while becoming leaders and contributors to society. The high school offers the internationally acclaimed Cambridge Curriculum, that prepares students to enroll in university classes by their junior year in high school. Additionally, all students participate in a capstone project course each year.

Students at ASU Prep use technology to address problems and challenges and work collaboratively on solutions to local and global community issues and participate in service programs. Through research projects, students develop an understanding of the broader community and how they can make an impact.

Now accepting applications for enrollment

ASU Prep is accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year. Open Enrollment is ongoing, and we will register prospective students on a first-come, first-served basis until capacity is met. 

Enroll your high school student (grades 9-11) for the 2018-19 school year today!

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9-10 Spanish, French Teacher
Blair Barnes
Website: https://bbarnesasuprep.weebly.com/

SpEd Case Manager
Cindy Marble


Spanish Teacher
Dakota Hermes
Website: http://dhermesasuprep.weebly.com/

STEM/Biology Teacher
Daniel Nelson
Website: http://dnelsonasuprep.weebly.com/


11/12 English Teacher
Daniel Pike
Website: https://dpikeasuprep.weebly.com/


Art & Design, English Teacher and Yearbook Instructor
Jennifer Nelson
Website: https://jnelsonasuprep.weebly.com/

Physics, Robotics, STEM Teacher
Jerika McKeon
Website: https://jmckeonasuprep.weebly.com/


9/10 History, 9-12 Sociology/Ind Study Teacher
Joey Richardson
Website: https://jrichardsonasuprep.weebly.com/


9th English Teacher
Leslie Meyer
Website: https://lmeyerasuprep.weebly.com/

English Teacher
Mary Kliethermes
Website: http://mkliethermesasuprep.weebly.com/


Chemistry/Anatomy & Physiology Teacher
Mackenzie Moyer
Website: https://mmoyerasuprep.weebly.com/

Nicolle Goodfellow


10-12 History and 11/12 Government Teacher
Peter Quinn
Website: https://pquinnasuprep.weebly.com/

English Teacher
Stacy Harmsen
Website: http://sharmsenasuprep.weebly.com/


9-12 Math, Engineering Teacher, Academics Internships
Steve Ruiz
Website: http://sruizasuprep.weebly.com/

Math Teacher
Susan Schaefer
Website: http://sschaeferasuprep.weebly.com/


Biology/Business Teacher
Valerie Vogel-Scheidt
Website: http://mrsvasuprep.weebly.com


Registrar/Office Manager/Health Assistant
Amy Danielson
Website: http://asupreppolyhighschool.weebly.com

Academic Advisor
Brooke Seifert
Website: http://bseifertasuprep.weebly.com


IT Technician
David Fosburg

Office Assistant/Intern
Lauren Kroutil
Website: http://asupreppolyhighschool.weebly.com



Officer Przeor

Rosalina Anaya
Website: http://ranayaasuprep.weebly.com/


All students are provided a university embedded, a personalized academic program that prepares them to complete college, compete globally and contribute to their communities. ASU Prep’s high school graduation requirements meet or exceed most university admission criteria. The international curriculum benchmarks ASU Prep student performance against students’ performance all over the world. Building civic responsibility to address societal issues, often in their own community, is encouraged and supported through the capstone experiences and Academic Apprenticeships with university and community entities.

We partner with Arizona State University and the community to enhance our ability to prepare students to be college graduates, future leaders, change agents and contributing citizens. ASU Prep students take ASU courses for college credit during their junior or senior year to start their college careers early.

Academic Apprenticeships

The ASU Academic Collegiate Apprenticeships, under the Collegiate Scholars Program, provide opportunities for students to experience ASU, investigate educational/career goals and build lasting relationships with peers and mentors, who share similar academic and personal interests.

This course will provide an opportunity for students to observe and gain hands-on experience in an academic setting while establishing a well-defined connection between education and employment. Students are selected for an ASU Academic Apprenticeship based on an application process that includes school attendance and behavior, grade point average (3.0 minimum), letter of recommendation by faculty, and a personal statement.

Examples of Courses for College Credit

  • MAT 110 - Enhanced Freshman Mathematics
  • MAT 117 - College Algebra
  • AST 111 - Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy
  • SOC 101 - Introductory Sociology
  • PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology
  • BIO 130 - Introduction to Environmental Science
  • *TEL 111 - Child Development
  • *Hybrid program

School Service Apprenticeship

School service apprenticeship provides service opportunities at the local school and is supervised by staff at ASU Prep. Examples include internships in sports management, peer mentoring and technology.

Business Community Outreach Apprenticeships

Business Community Outreach Apprenticeships teach students career and industry needs and expectations for various organizations in the local community. Examples include internships at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix and the Arizona Science Center.


Students at ASU Preparatory Academy High Schools are required to have a capstone project every year throughout their high school experience. Capstone is an in-depth learning experience, similar to a college thesis, that culminates with a year-end presentation. The capstone experience allows students to expand their thinking, delve more deeply into a concept and work with others who share their interests.

At ASU Preparatory Academy, students study the pillars of leadership, social entrepreneurship, partnerships, and academic preparation to develop their yearly capstone presentations. A capstone advisor works with a single cohort of students to facilitate student learning and assist students in the development of a portfolio that will span their entire high school academic growth.

Each capstone begins with shared study under the supervision of the capstone advisor. Students use technologies which will support their research, their connections to others, and their proficiency in future workplace settings.

ASU Prep students present their work at the end of each semester to their peers, advisors and an invited panel of distinguished guests.

Examples of Capstone Projects:

  • Health and Well-being (Phoenix)
    Obesity Solutions: Working with families and students to make healthy meal and lifestyle choices
  • Obesity Solutions: Working with families and students to make healthy meal and lifestyle choices - High School Students working with 1st - 5th grade students on art projects
  • Community (Polytechnic)
    Poverty and inequality
    Substance abuse on college campuses
  • Social, Emotional and Behavioral (Polytechnic) Saving the Bullied - Bullying Prevention
    Teen help hotline
    Working with homeless and elderly

2017-2018 Course Catalog  2016-2017 Course Registrations Presentation


Poly STEM High School Students

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Office Hours

7:15 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Instructional Hours

7:45 a.m. – 3:10 p.m.

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