Meet the Principal of ASU Prep Phoenix

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Ms. Kim Higginbotham has become the new 7-12 Principal at ASU Prep located in Downtown Phoenix. In a recent exclusive interview, she delved into the intricacies of her position, shedding light on the distinctive features of ASU Prep and passionately expressing her commitment to fully prepare students for their future. Ms. Higginbotham provided valuable insights into her role as a leader, the exceptional qualities of ASU Prep, and her dedication to guiding students toward achieving their full potential.

Role and responsibilities as new ASU Prep Phoenix Principal

Ms. Higginbotham described her role as Principal at ASU Prep as the predominant leader for the 7–12 grade levels of ASU Prep Phoenix. She oversees instructional leadership, ensuring teachers have the necessary resources for student success. Additionally, Ms. Higginbotham handles day-to-day operations, facilitating a comprehensive campus environment.

What excites Ms. Higginbotham the most about her new role is the innovation and opportunities ASU Prep Phoenix offers, including a wide range of programs and courses such as the hands-on STEM lessons, universal learning courses, hybrid learning options, concurrent courses, and more. She emphasized the school’s goal of influencing young minds to realize their passions, pursue them, and achieve greatness. The unique aspect of ASU Prep lies in providing students with a jumpstart on college credits while on campus.

Find student support and more at ASU Prep Phoenix

In her new role as Principal at ASU Prep, Ms. Higginbotham quickly identified the unique aspects that make the school stand out. The strategic location, just across the street from the ASU Downtown campus, offers unparalleled collaboration opportunities. This allows students to conveniently access college courses, engage in partnerships with ASU and local downtown businesses, and gain valuable real-world experiences. Ms. Higginbotham, keen on encouraging a sense of community, highlighted the family feel at ASU Prep Phoenix, emphasizing the supportive atmosphere as students progress through grade levels.

Ms. Higginbotham underlines the alignment with ASU, emphasizing that students can graduate with a minimum of 12 college credits, showcasing the school’s commitment to preparing students for success beyond the classroom. This holistic approach to education and the array of opportunities at ASU Prep Phoenix make it a cornerstone of Ms. Higginbotham’s vision for an impactful educational environment.

The school’s commitment to diversity ensures every student feels a strong sense of belonging, echoing Ms. Higginbotham’s vision of creating an inclusive ASU family. What sets ASU Prep Phoenix apart is its dedication to individualized attention, college readiness, and the provision of ample resources. The implementation of individual learning plans (ILPs) connects students with teachers in smaller groups, fostering a personalized approach to education. Additionally, flexible learning models cater to diverse student needs, ensuring that all students receive tailored support.

To further bolster student success, ASU Prep Phoenix leverages up-to-date digital resources, providing one-to-one student laptops, top-notch content curriculum, and specialized programming for ACT prep. The school actively engages students through various initiatives, check-ins, intramural sports, student government, and community events that make the school experience truly special.

Ms. Higginbotham’s vision for ASU Prep Phoenix

As the new Principal at ASU Prep Phoenix, Ms. Higginbotham expressed her joy in interacting with students and mentioned they are the driving force behind her passion for education. Ms. Higginbotham strives to improve the student experience at ASU Prep Phoenix by nurturing a feeling of belonging and care.

She envisions ASU Prep as a community where students not only receive an education and college credits, but also feel emotionally and intellectually safe. She wishes for students graduating from ASU Prep Phoenix to discover their passions, feel cared for, and well-prepared for their chosen paths in life.

Ms. Higginbotham is actively working to facilitate internships for her students at nearby businesses, aiming to provide real-world experience along with the essential skill sets needed on campus. The goal is to create lifelong learners who love to learn, supported by a community that fosters student success.

Why families choose ASU Prep Phoenix

ASU Prep Phoenix boasts a unique blend of advanced curriculum, emphasis on real-world skills, community involvement, and strong support systems. It’s more than just a school; it’s a community where students are encouraged to dream big and are equipped to achieve those dreams. To learn more about ASU Prep Phoenix, visit our website.