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The academic focus for students in the middle school program (6-8) is to expand on the skills of reading, writing and mathematics while adding an increased focus on science and social studies. Students receive core academic classes from teachers who are experts in their content area. Students also receive instruction in art, music, physical education and Spanish language. Students accelerate course taking based on readiness, completing high school credits in middle school.

Students at ASU Prep use technology to address problems and challenges and work collaboratively on solutions to local and global community issues and participate in service programs. Through research projects, students develop an understanding of the broader community and how they can make an impact.

ASU Prep Phoenix Middle School students work together as a grade level through foundation courses to identify problems in their community and find solutions to address. Students made blankets and collected basic toiletries along with other essentials to deliver to nearby homeless shelters. In partnership with Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, they also collect school supplies for students in South Sudan.

• ASU Prep Parent Meeting-September 19, 2018, 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.,

ASU Prep Downtown Phoenix Media Center

Important Note to Parents September 6, 2018
Important Note to Parents August 7, 2018
Important Note to Parents August 14, 2018

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ASU Prep Accredites Seal

Dir. of Elementary Learning
Stephanie Celis

K-12 Dean of Students
Ruby Alvarado-Hernandez

MS Math IA
Ashley Sims

Christina Megura

Middle School SPED
Debra Enright

MS/HS Madarin
Erika Chien

7th Grade English
Gini Sterling

Spanish/HS Spanish 1
Jesus Torres

MS/HS Art/Photography
Melissa Green

MS Math
Miranda Leung

7th Grade Math
Shirley Gutierrez

Abi Seiger

School Psychologist
Angela Bryant

Physical Education
Byron Evans

Nurse Asst
Daisy Moreno

Social Worker
Ilian Carla Pena

Jamie Gavin

Child Nutrition Coordinator
Jocelyne Canestrelli

Sub Coordinator
Kathy Urban

Lisa Bayans

IT Technician
Lydia Holden

Academic Advisor
Maria Baskerville

Office Manager
Marialuisa Olson

College Going Advisor
Minerva Cardenas

Chartwell's Dining Director
Randall Holloman

Dir. of Business, Community Outreach & Facilities
Lina Munoz

MS English IA
Annaliese Gonzales

8th Grad English
Channing Anderson

Danielle Vizcarra Mesa

Eric Leyva

Middle School TOSA
Erin Seelbaugh

7/8 Science
Heather Grimm

8th Grade Math
Matthew Whitehurst

MS/HS Music
Melissa Hudson

MS Math
Rana Pekel

5-8 SpEd IA
Rosa Espinoza

Security Assistant
Alfred Vargas, Jr.

Reading Interventionist
Brooke Arredondo

Family Engagement Liaison
Cyndi Pitaro

Weekend/Evening Facilities
Ely Lopez

Imelda Esquivel

Facilities Asst
Jeremy Penunuri

MS Athletic Director
John Boyle

Lareina Vanley

K-12 Counselor
Lizeth Bain

Facilities Manager
Manuel Penunuri

Media Clerk
Maria Torres

Front Office Registrar
Marisa Espinoza

H.S. Student Government
Monica Avila

Attendance Clerk
Rocio Terrazas


Phoenix Middle School

We invite you to contact us for more information about the Phoenix Middle School.

Contact Information

735 E Fillmore St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: 602-496-3100
Attendance: 602-496-3101
Fax: 602-257-4852

Office Hours

7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Instructional Hours

8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.