ASU Prep Global, trailblazer in education, announced as Yass Prize Quarterfinalist

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Selected from nearly 2,000 applications representing 27 million students in grades PreK–12 across all 50 states, ASU Prep Global is proud to be named a 2023 Yass Prize Quarterfinalist, a prestigious recognition from the Yass Foundation for Education, powered by the Center for Education Reform (CER) in partnership with Forbes.

The $1 million Yass Prize, to be announced in December, is considered the “Pulitzer of Education Innovation,” and along with the STOP Awards, will distribute nearly $13 million to the winners.

According to the Yass Foundation for Education, ASU Prep Global stands as one of 64 trailblazing “best in class education providers who can tackle the big education challenges of the day and deliver an education for students that is Sustainable, Transformational, Outstanding and Permissionless.”

Let’s highlight some of the ways ASU Prep Global’s personalized, online education earned this significant honor.

Sustainable education
With Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) funds, families have the flexibility to choose educational offerings that best meet their learners’ needs. ASU Prep’s Global microschools offer the convenience of online courses plus the benefits of in-person interaction.

Transformational learning
The blend of digital and in-person learning in our microschools offers students ultimate choice in their day. Each learner’s academic journey is supported and guided by passionate teachers and Learning Success Coaches. With immersive and innovative technology, students can explore a living cell in biology class or interact with a museum statue during history.

Outstanding results
ASU Prep Global’s model has proven outstanding, with a 96% retention rate and a 90% overall satisfaction rating in the 2022-2023 school year. Parents are actively engaged in their children’s learning, providing feedback, and supporting their academic journey. Learners have the flexibility to self-pace and blend learning styles, leading to improved engagement and success.

Permissionless innovation
ASU Prep Global microschools can adapt lessons based on student interests and choice. This fluidity fosters an environment where pace, place, and experiences are personalized, not standardized.

Looking to the future
As ASU Prep Global moves forward in the Yass Prize journey, we look forward to engaging in unique conversations with industry experts and advocating for change. We are excited to continue fueling new pathways that enable more students to access our offerings and transform their educational journeys.

Learn more about the Yass Prize here.